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Home Design Trends: Hot Decor Ideas for Summer

Lorena Canals Machine washable rugs

Lorena Canals Machine washable rugs(Photo courtesy of @lamaisondeauville)

The Living is Easy: Top Summer Home Decor Tips
We wait all year long for the warm and easy days of summer to start. With the promise of outdoor soirees and yes way to rose through Labor Day, we’re ready to maximize the balmy days and nights with a home decor update that strikes the right balance between family-friendly and summer chic. Spending as much time as possible outside is top of our summer wish list. A fun way to make your yard, patio or garden a cozy haven is to layer it with our machine washable rugs (as pictured above). Our non-toxic, eco-chic rugs are super easy to clean and made for indoor/outdoor use. Here, more of our favorite ways to freshen up your home decor for summer:

Lorena Canals rugs

(Photo courtesy of @ad_spain

Summer Decor Tip: Bring the Outdoors Inside
Whether it’s a sudden thunderstorm or extreme humidity, sometimes outdoor time just isn’t in the cards. If you still want to feel close to nature–albeit in the air-conditioned confines of your house–bring as much greenery as you can inside. The new Tropical Vibes collection of washable rugs and cushions delivers a breath of fresh foliage to every room in the house. Our Monstera Leaf rug looks just like the real thing. We love a rug that creates a verdant environment without needing any water or sunlight. Add in a matching washable Monstera cushion and you’ll barely miss the real outdoors!

Lorena Canals blankets

(Photo courtesy of @_rosemille)

Summer Decor Tip: Just Add Wovens!
Summer is all about going au naturel and using materials that are as close to nature as possible in your home decor. Adding a few easy furniture pieces made from wood, rattan or wicker give a summery vibe to your domain. Rattan hurricanes, wicker rockers and woven chairs all lend a distinct beach-chic look and feel to any room in the house. We love the classic look of a woven basket as shown above especially with a comfy multitasking blanket nestled inside.

Lorena Canals machine washable rugs

(Photo courtesy of @can1love

Summer Decor Tip: Go Green
Adding a touch of greenery to your home is the quickest route to adding summery vibe indoors. Don’t worry, if you’re not a greenthumb either. Choose a hard-to-kill plant like a succulent, aloe or a rubber plant. The key is how you showcase them. Arranging your plants in a basket, a mason jar or another simple glass vessel will give them a laid-back and summer-ready look. Bonus: Lay a chic and simple rug down in the entrance of your home to lighten things up. The Bereber Beige, a machine washable chic rug (pictured above) is an elegant choice that matches pretty much every style.

Lorena Canals basket

How are you styling your house for summer? Share your photos with us on Instagram and tag @lorenacanalsrugs. Take a cue from @Room2Play and use your Lorena Canals basket to summer-ize your casa.

Lorena Canals Style: Outdoor Living All Year Round

Lorena Canals Bereber Rug

Lorena Canals Bereber Rug

(Photo courtesy of @thestellabluegallery)

As we embark on the start of summer (round of applause, please!), it’s easy to take the outdoors for granted. The warm air, beautiful plants and flowers plus the longer days filled with sunshine beg us to spend as much time as possible outside. The cool thing about Lorena Canals machine washable rugs is that you can easily take the indoors outside with you–meaning your style can travel regardless of where you are. The perfect example: Our Bereber Beige rug (pictured above) makes an outdoor hammock even comfier. All of our rugs are ideal for taking along to picnics or beach and lake outings. Just throw them in the wash when you get home and they’re ready to go back on the floor in your living room.

Lorena Canals Yellow Hippy Rug Outdoors

Create a safe and comfy spot for little ones to play on outdoors–poolside or on a patio–with our washable rugs. The Hippy rug in yellow (pictured above) lends a sweet and summery vibe to any outside scene.

Lorena Canals leaf rug

(Photo courtesy of @emiliechoufleurlajolie)

Bring the Outside In
Even in the summer time, we’re not always blessed with perfect days. For those times when the weather is not cooperating, we love the idea of getting that great outdoors feeling inside. Our new Tropical Vibes collection of machine washable rugs and cushions is the perfect solution for melding the outdoors with the indoors. Taking care of indoor plants can be a challenge for busy families. Instead, opt for the life like Monstera Leaf rug (pictured above) on your floor. Ideal in a sunroom or indoor porch but looks ultra chic in any room in the house.

Lorena canals rugs

(Photo courtesy of @morganours

Show us how you bring the outdoors inside. Post a photo of how you styled one of our Tropical Vibes rug in your dwelling on Instagram and don’t forget to tag @lorenacanals!

Must-Have Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day Lorena canals rugs

Lorena Canals Mothers Day Rugs

(Pictured above Stripes Glacier Grey rug; photo courtesy of @lunaa80)

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style
The mother of all holidays is upon us! While the traditional Mother’s Day brunch with the family is always a nice way to celebrate mom’s special day, there are some additional elements that can take this day to the next level. From special treats to pampering me-time moments, here are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for every mom in your life–including yourself!

Lorena Canals mothers day tips

(Pictured above Bereber Beige rug; photo courtesy of @_rosemille)

Clean Up Time!
Give your family a hint that you’d love to wake up on Mother’s Day and have the whole house clean and sparkling. This is your holiday and as such you shouldn’t have to spend it cleaning up everyone else’s mess. Get your significant other to rally the troops and surprise you with the gift of a clutter-free and spotless house on Mothers Day.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rug

(Pictured above Cactus Stamp rug; photo courtesy of @natalieke7

Rock out with the Family
Start a new Mother’s Day tradition of rocking out together as a family. Whether it be singing a couple songs together or a having full-on dance party, there’s nothing like music to help set the tone on Mother’s Day. Since it’s your day, you get to select the songs, of course! Let the Madonna marathon begin!

Mothers Day Lorena canals rugs

(Pictured above Stripes Glacier Grey rug; photo courtesy of @lunaa80)

Breakfast in Bed
This is an oldie but goodie. Let your family know that you fully expect to sleep in on Mother’s Day and they can fend for themselves for breakfast. Place your order for your favorite morning treat and let them do the rest.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs

(Pictured above Botanic Plants rug; photo courtesy of @shopmoonandarrow)

The Gift of Quiet
Mother’s Day is a special day to be spent with family, but there’s no shame in requesting a couple of hours of me-time on your day. Steal away to a yoga class, a manicure, a massage, a run or whatever your heart desires. Even if it’s to just take a nap or meditate. A little self-care on Mother’s Day can be just what the doctor ordered!

Mother's Day Lorena Canals Rugs

(Pictured above Mix Ramlal Rug in Stone Grey; photo courtesy of @mrs.nicolephelps)

Your Dream Mother’s Day Gift
What if there was a gift that looked amazing in every room of your house, was super-soft and easy to just toss in the washing machine? Well, there is! Ask your family to gift you with a Lorena Canals machine washable rug this Mother’s Day. Our new rug collections, which are loaded with chic designs, tropical prints, and vibrant colors are the perfect way to add a fresh look to your home for spring.

Our Mother’s Day gift to you: Shop our machine washable rugs, washable cushions, baskets and blankets now through May 17th and receive 15% off. 

April Showers: Celebrating Spring and Easter With Kids

Lorena Canals machine washable rugs

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs

It may be rainy outside, but one thing to get excited about is that April showers bring our new Puffy Dream rugs with attached cloud cushions. The ultimate mix of cute and practical, our new machine washable cloud rugs (available in both pink and blue) come with a built-in pillow to make snuggle time, nap time and play time extra comfy. Another reason to get excited about April? Easter!

Lorena Canals Easter Rugs_Yellow_Hippie

For many families, Easter marks the real start of the spring season and is a great excuse to bring the pastel colored dresses and suits out of the closets. It also means Easter egg painting! Our machine washable rugs are the perfect spot to sit down and get to painting. You can relax and have fun knowing any spills can come out in the wash. Our washable rugs in our pastel Hippy collection (pictured in yellow above) are the perfect complement to spring’s sunny outlook. If the thought of kids and paint freaks you out, give your little ones an array of fun stickers to use to decorate their eggs instead.

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

(Photo courtesy of @can1love)

Once the egg decorating is done, it’s time to get crafty and creative with the kids. We love fun bunny inspired craft ideas, including creating a jelly bean carrot, handmade bunny ears and of course a basket to collect all of the eggs in. When all also fails, count on flowers to lift the mood. Spring is the best time to hit a botanical garden with your family and check out all of the beautiful flora and fauna in bloom.

Lorena Canals machine washable rugs

Get in the Easter spirit with a good old-fashion egg hunt in your yard or at the park–or even inside your home. We love decorating the house in pastel colors and our new Bubbly Soft collection of rugs (pictured above) are the perfect match to Easter style. The cotton balls attached to the rugs look a little like bunny tales, too! The new rugs come in soft pink, soft blue and light grey.

Add some light and airy spring touches to your home with pastel-hued washable rugs from Lorena Canals!


Green Day: Our New Tropical Vibes Collection is Here!

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

Spring is here and with it comes our desire for all things green and natural. Our new Tropical Vibes collection of rugs, cushions and baskets has arrived just in time for the start of the new season. Inspired by the botanical beauty found in the tropics, the intricate plant designs are woven into four new washable rug styles, including Botanic Plants picture above.

Lorena Canals Washable RugsThe gorgeous Monstera Leaf rug (pictured above) adds a life-sized touch of the tropics to any room in your home! Inspired by the Monstera plant, which is native to rainforest regions such as Costa Rica. This fun and comfy rug looks chic in any climate–we love it as a stylishly fun addition to the sunroom, porch, reading area, play room or guest room.


tropical green rug lorena canalsOur Tropical Green rug (above) transports you to a verdant getaway regardless of where you live. We love how the green shades give a subtle pop of color to any neutral palette.

Lorena Canals Tropical Pink Rug

The Tropical Pink rug (above) lends a feminine vibe to any room. Try it in your home office to help reduce stress–plants are known for their relaxation powers.

Lorena Canals Cushions To add even more verdant beauty to your home, we designed two new washable cushions as part of the Tropical Vibes collection. The Cushion Palm (upper left) with fun pom poms and the Cushion Monstera are a stylish way to green your family and living rooms. Our cushions are made with the same careful attention to detail and handcrafted process as our rugs.

Lorena Canals Leaf BasketsTake your spring cleaning seriously and stash away magazines, blankets and scarves in one of our new Leaf Baskets, made with all natural cotton. Storage has never looked so chic!

Lorena Canals rugsThere are numerous benefits to having plants in the home, and while our new rugs may not boost the oxygen levels in your home like real plants do, they are made with 100% cotton and all natural dyes to ensure your home is non-toxic and family friendly. Plus, no need to water these plants–they’ll last for years to come regardless of the climate in your house!

Spring into a new and refreshingly green look for your home now with the new Tropical Vibes collection of washable rugs and cushions. 

Happy father’s day!


We love celebrate everything but what we really love is having an excuse to do activities with our kids. For that reason and because father’s day is soon, we prepared a do it yourself activity to do with them and have a present for daddy’s day.

Increase the creativity of the little ones to develop their capacities is essential and also have an excuse to prepare a present for daddy will be more motivating for them. It’s important feeling that they contribute for the gift and for you is important generate connections with them trough familiar activities.

Paint, draw, cut,… are activities they use to do at school but it’s really important they do this with you to show their evolution at school and feel they parents are proud of them.

This is an activity to download and prepare with your kids.


Father's day activities_001

Go to Morocco without leaving home


Washable rugs inspired by the colorful cities of Morocco.

Introducing the new Morocco Collection of washable rugs, inspired by the Black & White Collection, with Berber designs. The Morocco Collection comprises three special designs: Naador, Saffi and Kaarol. Each is inspired by a different fascinating Moroccan city and its colors, creating a perfect and evocative blend.

Their brilliant shades, created on a background of natural color, lend contrast to the various spaces of your home. Would you like to join us in visiting each of these cities without leaving home?


Our first stop is a northwestern city of Morocco, in the Oriental Rif, known as “the gateway to Morocco” owing to its proximity to Melilla. This is Naador, a coastal city ideal for exploring in summer, when its inviting beaches, numerous water sports and warm climate beckon the visitor. There is something inspiring about Naador with the dazzling ArtDeco of the city’s most prominent buildings, the warm breeze and palm trees swaying languidly in the wind, lending a refreshing touch to the sun-drenched scene. This is a city with a unique blend of Spanish and Moroccan cultures, which will we hope will inspire you as it did us.

The Naador rug is designed to transport you to this beautiful city: its Art Deco-inspired geometric shapes featuring cubes, rhombuses, zig-zags and straight lines replete with color that will lend a unique feel to any decorative environment. The background is a neutral color, reminiscent of the houses of towns and villages throughout Morocco with their warm, whitish, natural tones. And to give a suggestive and casual touch to the carpet, two black tassels have been sewn at each corner.

Naador BLOG


Leaving Naador behind us, we head south east for some miles before arriving in the city of Saffi. It is bounded on one side by a broad plain, on the other by the Atlantic Ocean. With its natural harbor it has played a longstanding role of linking Morocco to the sea and stakes a fair claim to being one of the Atlantic Ocean’s major ports. Saffi is renowned for its dazzling whitewashed walls, which, together with the sea, are emblematic of the city. It boasts an age-old tradition of ceramic-making, a craft that is kept alive to this day. It still has one of the largest ceramics industries in the region, and even has a museum devoted to the art of pottery.

The washable Saffi rug, inspired by the walls and the craftsmanship of ceramics, has also been designed with a neutrally-colored background and geometrical rhomboid shapes. Its specialness stems from its similarity to a fine piece of pottery, in the form of a rug, with highly vibrant and warm colors that combine to convey an inherently Moroccan essence.

Saffi Blog


We conclude our journey through Morocco by paying tribute to the country’s ancient Berber culture. With its ethnic and colorful forms, our Kaarol rug reflects, the vivid iconography of the Berber tradition. The main colors are blue and pink, evoking the azure seas that lap Morocco’s shores, the brightly-painted buildings, full of contrasts, and the terracotta pink color present in many ceramics such as dishes and pots.

Kaarol Blog

You can combine the rugs of the Morocco Collection with the accessories specially created to accompany it: cushions, baskets and blankets. Each cushion represents one of the country’s iconic and inspiring ethnic or geometrical forms. Which one do you prefer?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids

Lorena Canals Heart Rug

Lorena Canals Heart Rug

When you’re parents, Valentine’s Day takes on a different meaning than it did back in your days as a new couple. While a romantic candlelit night just the two of you may not be so easy to sneak away for this year, there are some fun ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. From baking a favorite treat with your littles to surprising them with some heart felt goodies, Valentine’s Day lends the perfect opportunity to shower your brood with love. Here, some fun ideas on celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids.

Lorena Canals Heart Cushions
Decorate the House
Get crafty and transform your house into a heart-filled haven. Hang up some homemade heart garlands. You can use old books, origami paper, newspapers or construction paper to create your DIY heart garlands. Try sprucing up the house with some heart-shaped decor. Our machine washable heart cushions are stylish and playful way to add some whimsy to their bedrooms or your living room. Don’t worry if you spill a little Valentine’s candy on them either, they can just get tossed in the washing machine.

Lorena Canals rugs

(photo of our Solidary Rug courtesy of @rachzoeykris)

Be Nice to Others
Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love. Whether it’s being extra sweet to a sibling or finding a charity to donate to, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the power of sharing.

Lorena Canals Flowers

(photo of Lorena Canals Ombre Vanilla and Soft Pink rug courtesy of @ohjoy)

Show Some Class
Valentine’s Day often involves a class party, but while you’re stocking up on cards for the other children, don’t forget the teachers! Buy a dozen roses and have your kids bring in a flower to give each of their teachers–even their art, music and gym teachers. Not only will this put your kids in a good mood, but their teachers will love the adorable gesture.


Lorena Canals Puffy Love rugThe Snuggle is Real
Surprise the kids with a soft and cuddly new friend! Our new Puffy Love heart-shaped rug comes with its own built-in cushion — perfect for cozying up together and reading their favorite book. This machine washable rug is the ideal spot for cat naps or snuggles. Puffy Love is available now for pre-order and will deliver in early March.

Lorena Canals heart rugShow Some Heart
Shop our fun machine washable hearts rugs to add a touch of Valentine’s Day love to your house all year round. Choose from the Hearts Beige Multi Color (above).

Pink Hearts rug lorena canalsThe Hearts Pink Rug  lends a girlie vibe.

linen-hearts-white lorena canalsThe Hearts Linen and White rug is a sweet touch to any neutral palette.

All of our machine washable hearts rugs and cushions are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family! 

New accessories in Lorena Canals


The new collections of Lorena Canals accessories are the perfect decorative mix, that will make the special and elegant touch to the different spaces of your home. Cushions, blankets and baskets designed for mix with the other collections, but specially, with the new collections of this season. Colours that match creating a special natural environment and adding  light in every corner of your home.


Give a gust of fresh air to the home with the new Plants Collection cushions. Made with 100% natural cotton, in different shapes and in two designs that can be combined with our Washable Rugs Plants Collection. Inspired by the latest trends in decoration, these cushions, also washable, will be essential to give fresh environment to your living room.


The most original cushions with pompons to give fun, comfortable accent to your life! This collection of washable cushions is the renewal of our dor-shaped cushions. The cotton pompons placed around a perfect circle give a singular, fun touch to our classic Big Dots. Their vibrant colors, set against a natural background, bring light and energy to the room’s decor.

These cushions look great both in children’s room, as well as in other places at home. You can place them on any sofa, chair, bed, and even on the floor with a washable rug.


These classic inspired Bereber cushions bring a modern tribal vibe to your family room or bedroom. This collection is inspired by the classic Bereber designs with different colour tribal shapes.

Explore fascinanting Moroccan places without leaving home with these cushions and match them with our new washable rugs from the Morocco collection, wich are named after 3 colourful cities from Morocco.




Stylish, easy storage, thanks to the new practical cotton baskets. They’re perfect to store any object: toys, books, magazines, blankets, plants… The leaf basket design includes a handmade, cotton leaf and pompon to give a whimsical touch to the basket. Also, made in terracota and green colour, the latest trend in decoration. They bring visibility to any corner at home. The most important thing about the baskets.. they’re washable! so there is no problem if they get dirty, because you can wash them at home.


Fit your home with these soft cotton bubbles! Find them in different sweet colour combinations for your little baby or for other places at home. They will bright up any atmosphere!

Any of these combinations in natural colour or in sweet blue, pink or grey, look great in a nursery, sitting room, porch or bedroom. The cotton balls included around the basket add a cheery, comfortable touch to the room’s decor that you can match this collection with our new Bubbly rugs and blankets.



The trendiest blanekts for your baby… and for you too! New cotton blankets available in two sizes: a samller one, great for babies an their little beds; and the bigger one, wich is ideal for any sofa or as an accent at the foot of a bed.

These blankets are the perfect accessories for our Ombré collection of a washable rugs, wich are made with the same colours. This collection includes colored designs that bright up any kind of decoration. Specially the green blankets inspired by the Greenery Pantone, wich has been chosen “Color of the year 2017”. 


Fit your rooms with the sweetest cottong bubbles with the new collection Bubbly Blankets, available in 2 sizes, for the little ones and for the home! Designed in natural colour from the base and cotton balls in different tones like black, terracota, green and nude. For the little ones, available in sweet colour like soft blue, soft pink, mint and soft grey. They’re washable, safe and hand-finished, so each one is unique, no two are alike. They are soft and cozy! You can match with the new  Bubbly Collection of washable rugs.



What you have to know is that with these new washable accessories, you will create the perfect world to take refuge.

We want to know your opinion! Tell us what your favorite accessory is for these new collections, how you will combine it in your home and what designs you like best.

Terracotta: The Hot New Color for 2017

Lorena Canals Clouds Rug

Lorena Canals Clouds Rug

Color Trend for 2017: Terracotta and Other Earthy Shades
It may be the middle of winter time, but the best new home design color for 2017 is sure to bring some much needed warmth into your life. The earthy shade of terracotta is breathing new life into interior spaces with its comforting versatility and naturally beautiful look. What gives terracotta a more modern spin and sets it apart from its popularity in the 80s is the way its being used in homes. The new way to decorate with terracotta for 2017 is to use it less as an accent color and more as a featured color. We love the idea of using this rusty shade in every room of the house–including the children’s playroom or baby nursery.  Our new machine washable Clouds rug in Terracotta (pictured above) perfectly combines a playful graphic with an understated and more sophisticated shade.

Terracotta Home Color 2017

(Photo courtesy of Domain)

A terracotta tile floor (shown above) might be a more expected way to use this earthy hue in your home. But we still love the look-especially as it’s shown here with a matte finish and against hues of white, brown and grey. Exposed wood beams and vintage-y plant pots add to the organic and down to earth vibe of this comforting home. By decorating with terracotta, you’re giving your home a very natural eclectic and bohemian look.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rug

You can also give terracotta its own unique POV by pairing it with contrasting black and white to give it an edgier and less feminine look. Terracotta is truly a versatile color. Our machine washable Azteca rug in Terracotta (pictured above) lends a vintage cool vibe to any space. We love how its folksy feel lends a comforting aspect to any modern living space.

Biscuit rug Lorena Canals

Another recent addition to our machine washable rugs collection is our Biscuit rug in Terracotta. By pairing this Mediterranean inspired hue with black, the look is fresh and chic. Our Biscuit rug looks at home in the office, living room, family room or in a child’s space. Let 2017 be the year of comfort! Welcome a terracotta palette into your home and along with it, a sense of warmth into your every day life.