Best Happy Birthday Party!

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Your birthday’s child is coming and of course you want to organize a happy birthday party with all her/his friends to have a great day! We know it’s a lot of time organize everything so we want to give you some advice and ideas to make it easier.

The trend is organizing a topic happy birthday party. If your children loves a cartoon character you can focus the party in this one but you also can focus in a color or theme: princess, pirates, cowboys,…


Card invitations

You should think how many kids you are going to invite and start making a selection list. We know it’s not easy to exclude but we can’t invite everybody so don’t worry because the other families will understand it.

The cards are important because when hand in to their friends they feel like a main character. You can buy them or do it yourself with any program or website that enable you to customized.



The basic décor elements you should not forgive are the Happy Birthday letters, the garlands and balloons. If you decide to focus the party on a topic all the décor elements should be with the same theme. If instead you are not focusing on a topic, feel free to choose the colors on harmony.


The meal

We should choose when they finish school to celebrate de happy birthday parties and the meal is really important for them because they’re growing up. Sweets are their favorites but you can’t forget a healthy meal.

You have to offer different options because there’s always someone don’t like or can’t eat something; you should inform before to be prepared if someone is allergic or have food intolerance.


Shows and Games

The objective is to play and enjoy! Organize the toys they’ll use or the games. Clowns, wizard, makeup workshop,… some of those options to boost the party!


We prepared also a board on Pinterest with some ideas we find. Inspire with them and organize the best happy birthday party! Click here


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