Fall Home Decor Ideas: Celebrate Thanksgiving in Style

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs Aztec Rug

Lorena Canals Biscuit Rug(The new Biscuit rug in Terracota is the perfect earthy-toned rug for the fall holidays)

As we transition into the busy holiday season filled with food, festivities and family, our focus turns to chic decorating ideas for Thanksgiving. Our version of stylish fall decor always includes a family-friendly aspect, meaning things are never too fussy, delicate or hard to clean. That’s why our machine washable rugs come in so handy during the Thanksgiving holidays. Not only do many of our stylish rugs complement the earthy and rustic feel of Thanksgiving, but there will be reason to worry if your little ones spill a little cranberry sauce on them. The holidays often mean entertaining lots of guests. Something that can be stressful for even the most organized among us. Here, some chic fall decorating ideas that can help you plan ahead for Thanksgiving and hopefully alleviate some of that stress!

Thanksgiving kids placemat(photo courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Table Ideas
Set the stage for a happy holiday by creating a Thanksgiving kid’s table that will keep the youngest guests busy while the turkey is cooking. Try covering the kid’s table with kraft paper or cutting it into placemats like pictured above and let them doodle and draw to their heart’s content. They can play tic tac toe or hangman using Thanksgiving themed words. Or they can get into the Thanksgiving spirit and write down what they’re thankful for this year.  Other fun activities to try at the table are DIY paper pilgrim hats or a mini Mayflower made from a walnut. For a playful centerpiece, why not create a popcorn-filled paper bag turkey. The goal of the kid’s table is controlled chaos.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs Aztec Rug(Our new Azteca Rug is the perfect earthy hue for Thanksgiving.)

Earthy Rugs and Decor for Thanksgiving
Adding splashes of color that mimic the Autumn palette taking place outside your window is a surefire way to update your decor for fall. No need to buy a whole new set of furniture when you can use pops of color from throw blankets, cushions and rugs.Our favorite earthy colored rugs for Thanksgiving are the Biscuit Terracota, the Braids in Pearl Grey and the Mix rug in Sand Beige. When creating a homey space ready for guests, our washable rugs serve as a style statement that doubles as a comfy spot for guest to relax on. Our rugs are made with 100% cotton and are super soft on bare feet, making a cozy atmosphere for houseguests.

Thanksgiving Holiday Decor Ideas Lorena Canals(Add fresh flowers to the room to brighten it up for Thanksgiving; Bereber Beige rug pictured)

Some of our other favorite holiday decorating ideas include layering the room with cozy pillows, such as our washable cushions in star, and heart shapes. Other chic fall decorating ideas include: Adding festive flowers; using artful piles of lumber for the fire as decoration; adding an arrangement of gourds and pumpkins and adding soft candles into the mix. However you choose to decorate your house for Thanksgiving, we hope you and your family enjoy the holiday season in style!


  1. Thanksgiving is the time of the year when family bond together with lots of food and drinks. It’s like a festive season also and all you have to think of is how to have fun and enjoy the moment with your loved ones. Yes, this event will never be complete with proper decorations. It bring the total vibe of the celebration and it must not be taken for granted. Thanks a lot for making us all aware of it.


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