Deck out your house for winter in five easy steps


Winter is coming, much as we might wish to deny it, heralding afternoons on the sofa with a warm blanket; and there’s nothing better for revelling in days such as these than a cosy atmosphere that invites you to enjoy your home to the full. At Lorena Canals we want to offer five simple tips for greeting winter from the warmth of your home.

#1 Cheerful colours

The days are getting shorter and little by little the absence of light starts to dampen spirits. Beat the winter blues by combining neutral colours such as ivory and beige with more intense hues such as mustard and pale pink. Apart from being agreeable tones, they’re easily adaptable to other times of year such as autumn and spring.

Want to know more about upcoming colours? Find out more about the colours in fashion this winter in our post on the autumn and winter colours for 2017/2018

#2 Warm fabrics

Winter is a time to be enjoyed with all five senses; it is not enough to derive pleasure from contemplating the design of one’s bedroom or living room, the sense of touch also plays a key role. It’s time to exult in the softness and sensory balm offered by velvet, tricot ribbing, cotton and wool, among other materials. Give yourself the pleasure of decking out floors in the finest wools without sacrificing warmth with our rugs, suitable for underfloor heating, lending a rustic touch to your favourite spaces: elegant, sophisticated and chic, but always original. Create your own haven at home and let it be cosy and overflowing with style! A blanket and cushions are essential and you can combine them with any of our wool rugs in order to be well wrapped up for the winter months… and – why not? – all in the mustard hue that is so much in fashion?

#3 Embellish your windows

It’s true that light is in short supply these days, but that’s no reason for neglecting the decoration of your windows. Windows play a crucial role on the coldest days, and whether you’re a fan of Christmas window accessories from Ikea, or you prefer an elegant style that is both simple and easy to install, we invite you to try checked curtains or take the plunge with Persian blinds…you can go for colours that contrast with the walls or keep to the same group of tones. Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, dining room, sitting room or bedroom… the various parts of your house will reflect a little bit more of you, your style and your personality!

#4 Make yourself comfortable

You can set about making yourself feel comfortable. Winter is an ideal season for devoting yourself to those household activities that are most congenial: reading, returning to your favourite series, hosting dinners for your friends. You’re going to be spending a good deal of time at home, so it wouldn’t hurt to buy yourself those intimissimi fleece pyjamas you’ve set your heart on, or some faux fur slippers like the ones found in Oysho, which will help keep your feet cosy and go perfectly with the upholstery of the new sofa; or that knitted cotton blanket, so fluffy and welcoming, which you love to use at the slightest excuse.

#5 Your corner

We all have one. It’s the part of the home where the light shines longest, or that features that element of decoration you chose with such loving care. It’s that cosy corner where we do our reading, where we meditate or have our most creative thoughts; so we can’t pass up the opportunity to give it a makeover for the months ahead. A wonderful way of bestowing even more personality on this space, without changing the essence we love so much, consists of cushions. You don’t need many – remember our post on cushions and how to combine them; they lend personality and as well as being washable you can change their location at any time. As always, colours play an indispensable role in accessories, both to make them stand out and to make them blend in with the décor… Voilà! Now we have everything needed to embrace winter in the comfort of our own home!


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