Galaxy Collection: Imagination to infinity…and beyond!


The advent of the Galaxy collection from Lorena Canals touches down as one of the great inspirations of the season: designs that allow young and old alike to give free rein to their imagination.

Washable rugs, cushions and wall hangings that are remarkable for their shape and originality.

The collection offers two designs of 100% cotton washable rugs paying homage to outer space: Milky Way and Universe. Standing out from the black background of each design are colourful details in the natural cotton colour that lend a touch of imaginative realism: from the spiral that traces out the shape of the Milky Way with the planets, Mars and Saturn, to meteorites, stars, a rocket… and not forgetting the moon!

Galaxy rugs are the designer’s first Black & White collection aimed at children, although they also work well in more grown-up settings.

Made entirely by master craftspeople, these rugs are manufactured using the “Loop” technique, something that lends them an extremely fluffy and agreeable texture, ensuring that each rug is unique and that no two are exactly alike.

As far as accessories go, the Galaxy collection cushions are striking for being soft, original and fluffy. They’re washable without removing the stuffing and, not having zips or buttons, are totally child-friendly.

There are four different designs of cushion in this homage to outer space: “Mars”, “Moon”, “Saturn” and “Rocket”. Hand-made by master craftspeople, they feature irregular finishes to provide a touch of uniqueness, and embroidered details that lend them an agreeable texture: the red rivers of Mars, the craters of the Moon, the blue rings of Saturn and the vapour trail of the rocket.

Walls play an especially prominent role this season and the brand, in line with the latest international trends in interior design, has created a wall hanging that reunites the various motifs and figures to be found both in the rugs and the cushions: the rocket, star, the planets Saturn and Mars as well as small meteorites in red and black. These figures, which have been embroidered by craftspeople and individually filled, provide volume and echo the cushions in the collection.

Courtesy of its theme, designs, textures and colours… the Galaxy collection looks set to conquer any space!


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