Home Design Trends: Hot Decor Ideas for Summer


Lorena Canals Machine washable rugs(Photo courtesy of @lamaisondeauville)

The Living is Easy: Top Summer Home Decor Tips
We wait all year long for the warm and easy days of summer to start. With the promise of outdoor soirees and yes way to rose through Labor Day, we’re ready to maximize the balmy days and nights with a home decor update that strikes the right balance between family-friendly and summer chic. Spending as much time as possible outside is top of our summer wish list. A fun way to make your yard, patio or garden a cozy haven is to layer it with our machine washable rugs (as pictured above). Our non-toxic, eco-chic rugs are super easy to clean and made for indoor/outdoor use. Here, more of our favorite ways to freshen up your home decor for summer:

Lorena Canals rugs

(Photo courtesy of @ad_spain

Summer Decor Tip: Bring the Outdoors Inside
Whether it’s a sudden thunderstorm or extreme humidity, sometimes outdoor time just isn’t in the cards. If you still want to feel close to nature–albeit in the air-conditioned confines of your house–bring as much greenery as you can inside. The new Tropical Vibes collection of washable rugs and cushions delivers a breath of fresh foliage to every room in the house. Our Monstera Leaf rug looks just like the real thing. We love a rug that creates a verdant environment without needing any water or sunlight. Add in a matching washable Monstera cushion and you’ll barely miss the real outdoors!

Lorena Canals blankets

(Photo courtesy of @_rosemille)

Summer Decor Tip: Just Add Wovens!
Summer is all about going au naturel and using materials that are as close to nature as possible in your home decor. Adding a few easy furniture pieces made from wood, rattan or wicker give a summery vibe to your domain. Rattan hurricanes, wicker rockers and woven chairs all lend a distinct beach-chic look and feel to any room in the house. We love the classic look of a woven basket as shown above especially with a comfy multitasking blanket nestled inside.

Lorena Canals machine washable rugs

(Photo courtesy of @can1love

Summer Decor Tip: Go Green
Adding a touch of greenery to your home is the quickest route to adding summery vibe indoors. Don’t worry, if you’re not a greenthumb either. Choose a hard-to-kill plant like a succulent, aloe or a rubber plant. The key is how you showcase them. Arranging your plants in a basket, a mason jar or another simple glass vessel will give them a laid-back and summer-ready look. Bonus: Lay a chic and simple rug down in the entrance of your home to lighten things up. The Bereber Beige, a machine washable chic rug (pictured above) is an elegant choice that matches pretty much every style.

Lorena Canals basket

How are you styling your house for summer? Share your photos with us on Instagram and tag @lorenacanalsrugs. Take a cue from @Room2Play and use your Lorena Canals basket to summer-ize your casa.


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