Indra, Gita, Scribble… When elegance adorns the floor of your home!


Among the wool rugs collection, there are three collections that are notable for their timeless elegance, with both classic and more contemporary looks.

Originally from India, although in the 17th century it was popularised by manufacturers in England, Holland and Marseilles, who incorporated this design into their fabrics, Paisley is the main motif of the Indra and Gita models.

The Indra wool rug features, on a rectangular base, various Paisley motifs in a range of sizes and colours: in the case of Indra Black & White on an ivory-coloured base and shapes in anthracite grey, and pastel colours (yellow, blue, anthracite grey and pink,) for the Indra Pastels model.

The inspired idea of combining these colours in a different way in each paisley shape lends it a highly contemporary originality and elegance, with the result that it works well in both kids’ settings and more grown-up contexts.

The Gita wool rug goes for a more contemporary look, with its outline in the shape of a Paisley drop, embodying timeless, innate elegance (Gita Black & White), and an eye-catching and original elegance deriving from its combination of pastel hues (Gita Pastels) lending it a fun, unfussy look, proving that elegance is not incompatible with the use of colours. Whether it’s for a child’s bedroom or a more adult setting, the Gita design will lend a touch of personality to any part of the home.

An avant-garde design for a model that embodies art at its purest, the Scribble wool rug is inspired by the work of the American painter Jackson Pollock, the major representative of abstract expressionism. Its style makes it perfect for contemporary and modern settings, whether for children or grown-ups, and it is easy to incorporate into the décor of living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms.

On a rectangular base, this rug features lines reminiscent of scrawls, in ivory when the base is black (Scribble Black & White), and yellow, red and black when the base is ivory-coloured (Scribble Multi). The result is a rug that combines well with all settings.

Lorena Canals wool rugs are made in India with woollen fibres of the finest quality and natural dyes on a cotton 100% base. They are manufactured using the craft technique known as “hand tufting”, which consists of individually attaching each woollen thread to the base of the rug. Owing to the fully artisanal process, each rug is unique and no two are exactly alike. And thanks to their density, quality and design, these wool rugs are ideal for even the most demanding homes, including rooms with underfloor heating.



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