Lorena Canals launches a new collection with more than 120 products


We present our new collection that consists in more than 120 new products of washable rugs, wool rugs and 100% natural cotton accessories for the fall-winter 2017 season. Lorena Canals introduces its new rug patterns and homeware inspired by current trends, with motifs and colours that fit perfectly kids´ play areas or even living-rooms, bedrooms, and any other area of your home. If you don’t want to miss anything, check our new catalogue here!

Washable Rugs

We have extended our washable rugs collection, both for kids and home, through 4 new colours that will set trends this season: klein, petroleum, emerald and wood rose. There are currently 6 new collections to choose within in the washable rugs range: Galaxy, Tie-Dye, Terrazzo, Trace, Geometric and Bereber Classics.

The Galaxy line is the first black and white children collection designed by Lorena Canals. Its 2 imaginative patterns are based on the Universe, outlining the Milky Way, planets, meteors and stars, a space rocket and… the Moon!

The Tie-Dye trend from the ’60s is back with 5 bright round rugs. The name is coming from the technique used during the dyed process. Related to the Terrazzo line, a must-have ’70s design and modelled on cobblestones, minerals and marble. This model is available in 6 different colours.

Trace and Geometric are the first round-pattern collections specially designed to enhance your home. Scandinavian-style inspired, Trace features simple black lines coming from a single point, creating geometrical, different-sized areas. On the other hand, the geometrical designs of the Geometric collection are defined by their intense and elegant colours. The Bereber Classics,  collection includes now 4 of the trendiest colours: Klein blue, petroleum, vintage nude and rose wood.

Wool Rugs

Our wool rugs novelties include a great range of new designs and sizes, both for kids and home, that are distributed in 10 collection: Sunrise, Pop-Pop, Lake, Nordic Lines, Gita, Indra, Animals, Scribble, Big Star and Little Stars.

The Pop-Pop, Lake and Sunrise collections stand out with their modern design where circles or rectangles of different sizes and colours overlapped create an elegant and modern contrast. The Indra and Gita collections have been inspired by black and white or pastel paisley, with either rectangle-shaped or paisley-shaped rugs.

The wool design inspired by Scandinavian pattern is certainly the Nordic Lines collection, with clean black lines drawn on plain colours creating a weave effect. The doodling trend and abstract expressionism have also presence in Lorena Canals’s rug designs with the Scribble collection, which includes two patterns inspired by the American artist Jackson Pollock´s work.

Animals is a new collection with original silhouettes. It includes Lola the flamingo, Bella the deer, and Chubby the bunny, to provide sweetness to your children’s rooms. The two classic woollen collections, Big Star and Little Stars, have been updated including now 6 more seasonal colours.


Related to the accessories, the cushion collection has grown with the Galaxy, Square, Tie-Dye, Embroidery and Terrazo collections, which for the first time have been manufactured with a fabric base in 100% natural compact cotton and embroidered motifs. The basket catalogue now includes 2 new patterns: Pebbles and Tassels, ideal to keep all sorts of accessories such as toys, books, blankets or plants. These baskets are now also available in larger sizes.

Lorena Canals goes beyond and her rugs nowadays take hold of every wall with 18 wall hanging and 6 garlands inspired by the ‘70s murals performed in the prints and patterns of the washable rugs’ collection. The wall hanging tapestries are made of the same materials and technique used for the washable rugs. They fasten to the wall by a little string attached to a hidden bar.



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