Must-Have Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day Lorena canals rugs

Lorena Canals Mothers Day Rugs

(Pictured above Stripes Glacier Grey rug; photo courtesy of @lunaa80)

Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style
The mother of all holidays is upon us! While the traditional Mother’s Day brunch with the family is always a nice way to celebrate mom’s special day, there are some additional elements that can take this day to the next level. From special treats to pampering me-time moments, here are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts for every mom in your life–including yourself!

Lorena Canals mothers day tips

(Pictured above Bereber Beige rug; photo courtesy of @_rosemille)

Clean Up Time!
Give your family a hint that you’d love to wake up on Mother’s Day and have the whole house clean and sparkling. This is your holiday and as such you shouldn’t have to spend it cleaning up everyone else’s mess. Get your significant other to rally the troops and surprise you with the gift of a clutter-free and spotless house on Mothers Day.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rug

(Pictured above Cactus Stamp rug; photo courtesy of @natalieke7

Rock out with the Family
Start a new Mother’s Day tradition of rocking out together as a family. Whether it be singing a couple songs together or a having full-on dance party, there’s nothing like music to help set the tone on Mother’s Day. Since it’s your day, you get to select the songs, of course! Let the Madonna marathon begin!

Mothers Day Lorena canals rugs

(Pictured above Stripes Glacier Grey rug; photo courtesy of @lunaa80)

Breakfast in Bed
This is an oldie but goodie. Let your family know that you fully expect to sleep in on Mother’s Day and they can fend for themselves for breakfast. Place your order for your favorite morning treat and let them do the rest.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs

(Pictured above Botanic Plants rug; photo courtesy of @shopmoonandarrow)

The Gift of Quiet
Mother’s Day is a special day to be spent with family, but there’s no shame in requesting a couple of hours of me-time on your day. Steal away to a yoga class, a manicure, a massage, a run or whatever your heart desires. Even if it’s to just take a nap or meditate. A little self-care on Mother’s Day can be just what the doctor ordered!

Mother's Day Lorena Canals Rugs

(Pictured above Mix Ramlal Rug in Stone Grey; photo courtesy of @mrs.nicolephelps)

Your Dream Mother’s Day Gift
What if there was a gift that looked amazing in every room of your house, was super-soft and easy to just toss in the washing machine? Well, there is! Ask your family to gift you with a Lorena Canals machine washable rug this Mother’s Day. Our new rug collections, which are loaded with chic designs, tropical prints, and vibrant colors are the perfect way to add a fresh look to your home for spring.

Our Mother’s Day gift to you: Shop our machine washable rugs, washable cushions, baskets and blankets now through May 17th and receive 15% off. 


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