Terracotta: The Hot New Color for 2017

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Color Trend for 2017: Terracotta and Other Earthy Shades

It may be the middle of winter time, but the best new home design color for 2017 is sure to bring some much needed warmth into your life. The earthy shade of terracotta is breathing new life into interior spaces with its comforting versatility and naturally beautiful look. What gives terracotta a more modern spin and sets it apart from its popularity in the 80s is the way its being used in homes. The new way to decorate with terracotta for 2017 is to use it less as an accent color and more as a featured color. We love the idea of using this rusty shade in every room of the house–including the children’s playroom or baby nursery.  Our new machine washable Clouds rug in Terracotta (pictured above) perfectly combines a playful graphic with an understated and more sophisticated shade.

Terracotta Home Color 2017

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A terracotta tile floor (shown above) might be a more expected way to use this earthy hue in your home. But we still love the look-especially as it’s shown here with a matte finish and against hues of white, brown and grey. Exposed wood beams and vintage-y plant pots add to the organic and down to earth vibe of this comforting home. By decorating with terracotta, you’re giving your home a very natural eclectic and bohemian look.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rug

You can also give terracotta its own unique POV by pairing it with contrasting black and white to give it an edgier and less feminine look. Terracotta is truly a versatile color. Our machine washable Azteca rug in Terracotta (pictured above) lends a vintage cool vibe to any space. We love how its folksy feel lends a comforting aspect to any modern living space.

Lorena Canals Clouds Rug

Another recent addition to our machine washable rugs collection is our Biscuit rug in Terracotta. By pairing this Mediterranean inspired hue with black, the look is fresh and chic. Our Biscuit rug looks at home in the office, living room, family room or in a child’s space. Let 2017 be the year of comfort! Welcome a terracotta palette into your home and along with it, a sense of warmth into your every day life.


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