Tips for incorporating mustard shades into your home

Alfombra Moutarde

Three tips for combining the mustard tones that are taking this season by storm

Mustard hues are dominating decorative trends this autumn-winter. Available in a palette of colours that range from classic shades to more refreshing tones to lend contrast, this engaging, warm and evocative colour conveys seasonal sensations better than any other.

Cloud- Rug-esto-va-de-amor
Picture thanks to @estovadeamor

The Australian magazine Belle, a leading publication in the world of decoration, has brought out a full-colour special in November featuring mustard.

Today we bring you three key tips for incorporating mustard shades into your home and giving your house a touch of vintage style.

1# Details Matter!

To give an autumnal feel to a room sometimes it’s enough to choose the right accessory. Mustard is an extremely luminous colour, but it’s important not to make the mistake of overdoing it.  

Sofas Mustard
Sofa Mustard

At Lorena Canals we offer you options such as our 100% cotton knitted blanket, hand-dyed with natural dyes and featuring the dégradé gradual shading technique. Measuring 120 x 180 cm, it’s perfect for arranging on the sofa and for snuggling up on Sunday afternoons with tea and a film.

Alfombra mostaza Lorena Canals
Wool Rug Big Star Mustard
Cloud Washable Cushion
Cloud Washable Cushion

For the little ones’ bedroom the cloud cushion is ideal. Apart from being fun it’s 100% cotton and washable at home. Not having zips or buttons it makes the smoothest and safest missile for kids’ cushion fights. It measures 50 x 40 cm and it can be combined with other elements to complete the look, such as the Clouds rug in the same colour with white clouds, ideal for boys and girls.

2#Pantone® recommendations

Every year Pantone sets the trends in home décor by publishing nine palettes in its Pantone® View Home + Interiors. Checking out the proposals for 2017 is a good idea if you’re looking for inspiration and techniques to combine mustard hues.

Color Palette
Forest Bathing Palette Pantone

One of this year’s palettes that works perfectly is Forest Bathing, which includes the green and blue tones that can be found in a contemplative walk in the woods, a practice that in Japan is called “Shinrin-yoku”, and which helps to lift one’s mood and reduce stress.

3#Colours and materials

Being a mixture of brown and gold, mustard tones can work well with two variants. On the one hand there are the nearby ranges in the chromatic circle, such as the browns, whites and pastel yellows.

Lorena Canals Cloud Mostard

Aged and subdued tones are always a good option to weigh up if you’re looking for a decorative impact to provide the central element in mustard. At the other end of the spectrum, with more marked contrast nuances, such as green, maroon and blue, you’ll get bolder and more sophisticated results.

The consequences of incorporating mustard into one’s décor also vary depending on the materials used in the furniture. In a room with metallic bookcases or an industrial feel, the vintage effect of the mustard colour will predominate, whereas when it’s combined with parquet and wooden cupboards the warmth of the ambience will be maximised. Similarly, using mustard for 100% cotton items is a sure-fire winner. With tips like these, why not take the plunge and adopt this colour not only for your wardrobe but also in your home!



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