Enjoy in the Clouds – “Clouds Collection”

    Lorena Canals Clouds rug

    We re-design the classic model of washable-rugs “Clouds”


    One of the first design of washable rugs from Lorena Canals, the “clouds” model, is reinterpreted in the new Clouds collection with the new trend colors of the autumn/winter season 20116/2017 inspired by nature.

    Since the first collection from Lorena Canals, where the designer after seeing her two daughters playing on a rug questioned: Why can’t we wash the rugs of our kids at home?  That day she was proposed to make it possible and now designs washable, practical an original rugs.

    One of his classic designs was the rug with clouds. For this latest collection, it has been reinterpreted in new colors inspired by nature, with a little more thickness, based on color and with clouds in natural cotton without added dyes.

    Washable Rug Clouds Grey - Clouds Collection
    Washable Rug Clouds Grey – Clouds Collection

    Each one of the washable rugs is unique, since it’s individually and artistically made, woven with 100% natural cotton and dyed with natural toxic-free, to add color to each rug: terracota, mustard, vintage blue and grey.

    The washable rugs of the collection “Clouds” are soft, cozy, cool in summer and warm in winter. Combined in the spaces of your house, you will create a practical, modern, and above all, comfortable for the children. Where they can play and having fun on the clouds. They will enjoy and you will haven’t worry, because the rug can be washed in any washing machine, adapting to the modern lifestyle of each home.

    Available in the size of 120x160cm for every corner of your home. You can combine the different colors to create a funny contrast or keep the same colors creating a visual balance.


    Mix the Clouds Collection:


    The Clouds are an element that adds sweetness to the spaces of the house and not only to the children’s room. Let’s play!

    All of us love dream! And now you can match your favorite clouds collection washable-rugs with our washable-cushion of clouds. It will add a sweetness touch to your home. For the babies and children will be perfect for play, for sleep or for decor their beautiful space.

    Washable Cushions - Clouds Collection
    Washable Clouds Cushions – Clouds Collection

    In the Winter Daisy’s Blog recommends our cloud cushion and emphasizes that clouds are a classic but always trend.

     “Dreaming of more sleep, I’ve rounded up six of the sweetest finds in cloud decor to add to any space. I love that the Lorena Canals pillow is washable…perfect for little ones with allergies or asthma.” – Melissa Barling 

    Available in blue, purple and white… Let your imagination dream!

    Tell us, what is your favorite color? Do you already have any of the Clouds Collection Rugs or Cushions? How you like to mix?


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