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Boho-chic decor


If one of your favorite decor items is a lamp that you had to bargain for in that crowded street market in Thailand, you are basically growing a jungle in your apartment and each piece of your furniture tells a unique story you might have just fallen the boho chic trend. Don’t worry, we have too.

Versatile and diverse like no other, boho chic decor is the way to go for those who dream of an eclectic vibrant home, full of color that combines hippy accents and vintage pieces with a strong ethnic vibe. If you are ready to get that laid-back and eclectic look for your home keep on reading!

 #Exotic fabrics

Pulling off the ideal boho style for your home is all about adding different fabrics and textures. Tribal prints, patterns, and mixed textures are a hallmark of this trend. Be sure to mix stripes, paisley, geometric patterns, batik and tie-dye for a truly exotic finish.

Exotic fabrics
Exotic fabrics

Although the trend is known for its bright, energetic colors such as terracotta and burgundy, the best way to combine all of those elements without it all clashing is to find the balance between bold patterns and slightly more neutral pieces.

Exotic fabrics and textures

#Handmade collectibles

Finding the way to express yourself, the places you’ve visited and people you’ve met is a huge part of what makes boho style so popular. Unlike Scandi design, where each piece of decor plays a practical role, bohemian items are rather a collection of and handmade items and keepsakes from nomadic wanderings that add a pinch of soul to your spaces and fit in perfectly with boho interior design.

Boho-chic decor
Boho-chic decor

To inject some extra boho chic elements into your living room decor, try adding some accessories. Macramé and fringed wall hangings are just a few of the many options that will make the walls pop up right away!

#Pillows, Poufs, and ethnic footstools

A boho-chic home style features furniture draped in layers of textured textiles. Overlooked pieces of furniture such as poufs and footstools seem to be making a come back this year, not only within the boho-chic style but also in more classic trends. 

Mix and Match pillows
Mix and Match pillows

Featuring ethnic patterns and bold colors such as turquoise and burgundy, they are often used as a coffee adding character to any space. Be sure to throw a boho mix of pillows and layers on beds or sofas to ensure comfort anywhere.

#Greenery and baskets

From the miniature cacti, and tabletop terrariums, to elephant ear plants, and split leaves, when it comes to greenery in boho-chic style more means better.

Outdoor greenery

Take advantage of the hippy influence on boho-chic style by placing the plants in baskets that utilize natural or raw materials such as sisal, rattan, wood, and cotton.


Hanging rugs and wallpaper

The days of bare walls are over, which is why we have seen a surprisingly large number of interior designers and clients use their rugs as wall hangings lately. Beautifully designed, rugs are becoming pieces of art, besides cotton rugs will help you create a quieter, cozier home while adding some texture and warmth to your walls.

Wall decor
Wall decor

A more permanent option to dress up your walls is wallpaper. Get the professional finish up by choosing designs that draw inspiration from natural forces, such as wind and light, and features patterns casting intriguing shadows or botanical prints.



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