Go to Morocco without leaving home


    Washable rugs inspired by the colorful cities of Morocco.

    Introducing the new Morocco Collection of washable rugs, inspired by the Black & White Collection, with Berber designs. The Morocco Collection comprises three special designs: Naador, Saffi and Kaarol. Each is inspired by a different fascinating Moroccan city and its colors, creating a perfect and evocative blend.

    Their brilliant shades, created on a background of natural color, lend contrast to the various spaces of your home. Would you like to join us in visiting each of these cities without leaving home?


    Our first stop is a northwestern city of Morocco, in the Oriental Rif, known as “the gateway to Morocco” owing to its proximity to Melilla. This is Naador, a coastal city ideal for exploring in summer, when its inviting beaches, numerous water sports and warm climate beckon the visitor. There is something inspiring about Naador with the dazzling ArtDeco of the city’s most prominent buildings, the warm breeze and palm trees swaying languidly in the wind, lending a refreshing touch to the sun-drenched scene. This is a city with a unique blend of Spanish and Moroccan cultures, which will we hope will inspire you as it did us.

    The Naador rug is designed to transport you to this beautiful city: its Art Deco-inspired geometric shapes featuring cubes, rhombuses, zig-zags and straight lines replete with color that will lend a unique feel to any decorative environment. The background is a neutral color, reminiscent of the houses of towns and villages throughout Morocco with their warm, whitish, natural tones. And to give a suggestive and casual touch to the carpet, two black tassels have been sewn at each corner.

    Naador BLOG


    Leaving Naador behind us, we head south east for some miles before arriving in the city of Saffi. It is bounded on one side by a broad plain, on the other by the Atlantic Ocean. With its natural harbor it has played a longstanding role of linking Morocco to the sea and stakes a fair claim to being one of the Atlantic Ocean’s major ports. Saffi is renowned for its dazzling whitewashed walls, which, together with the sea, are emblematic of the city. It boasts an age-old tradition of ceramic-making, a craft that is kept alive to this day. It still has one of the largest ceramics industries in the region, and even has a museum devoted to the art of pottery.

    The washable Saffi rug, inspired by the walls and the craftsmanship of ceramics, has also been designed with a neutrally-colored background and geometrical rhomboid shapes. Its specialness stems from its similarity to a fine piece of pottery, in the form of a rug, with highly vibrant and warm colors that combine to convey an inherently Moroccan essence.

    Saffi Blog


    We conclude our journey through Morocco by paying tribute to the country’s ancient Berber culture. With its ethnic and colorful forms, our Kaarol rug reflects, the vivid iconography of the Berber tradition. The main colors are blue and pink, evoking the azure seas that lap Morocco’s shores, the brightly-painted buildings, full of contrasts, and the terracotta pink color present in many ceramics such as dishes and pots.

    Kaarol Blog

    You can combine the rugs of the Morocco Collection with the accessories specially created to accompany it: cushions, baskets and blankets. Each cushion represents one of the country’s iconic and inspiring ethnic or geometrical forms. Which one do you prefer?


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