Green Day: Our New Tropical Vibes Collection is Here!

    Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

    Lorena Canals Washable Rugs

    Spring is here and with it comes our desire for all things green and natural. Our new Tropical Vibes collection of rugs, cushions and baskets has arrived just in time for the start of the new season. Inspired by the botanical beauty found in the tropics, the intricate plant designs are woven into four new washable rug styles, including Botanic Plants picture above.

    Lorena Canals Washable RugsThe gorgeous Monstera Leaf rug (pictured above) adds a life-sized touch of the tropics to any room in your home! Inspired by the Monstera plant, which is native to rainforest regions such as Costa Rica. This fun and comfy rug looks chic in any climate–we love it as a stylishly fun addition to the sunroom, porch, reading area, play room or guest room.


    tropical green rug lorena canalsOur Tropical Green rug (above) transports you to a verdant getaway regardless of where you live. We love how the green shades give a subtle pop of color to any neutral palette.

    Lorena Canals Tropical Pink Rug

    The Tropical Pink rug (above) lends a feminine vibe to any room. Try it in your home office to help reduce stress–plants are known for their relaxation powers.

    Lorena Canals Cushions To add even more verdant beauty to your home, we designed two new washable cushions as part of the Tropical Vibes collection. The Cushion Palm (upper left) with fun pom poms and the Cushion Monstera are a stylish way to green your family and living rooms. Our cushions are made with the same careful attention to detail and handcrafted process as our rugs.

    Lorena Canals Leaf BasketsTake your spring cleaning seriously and stash away magazines, blankets and scarves in one of our new Leaf Baskets, made with all natural cotton. Storage has never looked so chic!

    Lorena Canals rugsThere are numerous benefits to having plants in the home, and while our new rugs may not boost the oxygen levels in your home like real plants do, they are made with 100% cotton and all natural dyes to ensure your home is non-toxic and family friendly. Plus, no need to water these plants–they’ll last for years to come regardless of the climate in your house!

    Spring into a new and refreshingly green look for your home now with the new Tropical Vibes collection of washable rugs and cushions. 


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