The new collections of Lorena Canals accessories are the perfect decorative mix, that will make the special and elegant touch to the different spaces of your home. Cushions, blankets and baskets designed for mix with the other collections, but specially, with the new collections of this season. Colours that match creating a special natural environment and adding  light in every corner of your home.


Give a gust of fresh air to the home with the new Plants Collection cushions. Made with 100% natural cotton, in different shapes and in two designs that can be combined with our Washable Rugs Plants Collection. Inspired by the latest trends in decoration, these cushions, also washable, will be essential to give fresh environment to your living room.

The most original cushions with pompons to give fun, comfortable accent to your life! This collection of washable cushions is the renewal of our dor-shaped cushions. The cotton pompons placed around a perfect circle give a singular, fun touch to our classic Big Dots. Their vibrant colors, set against a natural background, bring light and energy to the room’s decor.

These cushions look great both in children’s room, as well as in other places at home. You can place them on any sofa, chair, bed, and even on the floor with a washable rug.

These classic inspired Bereber cushions bring a modern tribal vibe to your family room or bedroom. This collection is inspired by the classic Bereber designs with different colour tribal shapes.

Explore fascinanting Moroccan places without leaving home with these cushions and match them with our new washable rugs from the Morocco collection, wich are named after 3 colourful cities from Morocco.



Stylish, easy storage, thanks to the new practical cotton baskets. They’re perfect to store any object: toys, books, magazines, blankets, plants… The leaf basket design includes a handmade, cotton leaf and pompon to give a whimsical touch to the basket. Also, made in terracota and green colour, the latest trend in decoration. They bring visibility to any corner at home. The most important thing about the baskets.. they’re washable! so there is no problem if they get dirty, because you can wash them at home.

Fit your home with these soft cotton bubbles! Find them in different sweet colour combinations for your little baby or for other places at home. They will bright up any atmosphere!

Any of these combinations in natural colour or in sweet blue, pink or grey, look great in a nursery, sitting room, porch or bedroom. The cotton balls included around the basket add a cheery, comfortable touch to the room’s decor that you can match this collection with our new Bubbly rugs and blankets.


The trendiest blanekts for your baby… and for you too! New cotton blankets available in two sizes: a samller one, great for babies an their little beds; and the bigger one, wich is ideal for any sofa or as an accent at the foot of a bed.

These blankets are the perfect accessories for our Ombré collection of a washable rugs, wich are made with the same colours. This collection includes colored designs that bright up any kind of decoration. Specially the green blankets inspired by the Greenery Pantone, wich has been chosen “Color of the year 2017”. 

Fit your rooms with the sweetest cottong bubbles with the new collection Bubbly Blankets, available in 2 sizes, for the little ones and for the home! Designed in natural colour from the base and cotton balls in different tones like black, terracota, green and nude. For the little ones, available in sweet colour like soft blue, soft pink, mint and soft grey. They’re washable, safe and hand-finished, so each one is unique, no two are alike. They are soft and cozy! You can match with the new  Bubbly Collection of washable rugs.


What you have to know is that with these new washable accessories, you will create the perfect world to take refuge.

We want to know your opinion! Tell us what your favorite accessory is for these new collections, how you will combine it in your home and what designs you like best.

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