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This year we celebrate the 15th anniversary of Lorena Canals. We are very happy that it is 15 years since our first washable rug and we wanted to celebrate it in a very special way. The celebration took place in our showroom in Barcelona, where we presented an exclusive commemorative collection of these 15 years of washable rugs, designed especially for the occasion, which will be officially presented at the next edition of Maison et Objet Paris in early September.

Once upon a time began the story of a rug. The unique and colorful design of a bag inspired an artistic sketch of the designer Lorena Canals that, over time, breathed new life into a new washable rug, full of meaning and a very personal feeling. It is called Indian Bag and it was presented on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the company. Indian Bag is not just a design between the large Lorena Canals collections. In fact, it is an exclusive and special rug design as it is the occasion of the celebration of the 15 years of the Catalan company, a national leader in designing, manufacturing and exporting children rugs.


With its colorful cotton threads the designer weaves a special feeling, whose design is inspired by a bag she keeps with tender love, acquired in India so many years ago. The story of that bag, now transformed into a rug, becomes one of the most emblematic and exclusive models from Lorena Canals.

The celebration of the 15 years of Lorena Canals required the presentation of a unique washable rug that combines the most important values of the company. On one hand, the personal feeling that the designer passes down into each of the models in the catalog to create pieces that wake emotions and, secondly, the savoir-faire of artisans, which involves careful and detailed preparation – responsible and controlled – of each rug, individually handmade by craftsmen from northern India.

For all these reasons, we look forward to the arrival of next September, when we will attend, as every year, the international fair of decoration Maison et Objet, with our 15th Anniversary as the main element of a 63 square meters stand, open to all those who want to discover what is behind our washable rugs and our textile accessories for home decor.

The Best Mom Hacks for Mother’s Day

Lorena Canals rugs
Lorena Canals rugs
Photo courtesy of @kaleymunday

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we would like to take a moment and appreciate moms around the world and their superhero abilities to juggle kids, work, marriage, and everything else that life throws their way. We created Lorena Canals machine washable rugs with the specific needs of moms in mind. The modern day mom doesn’t want just any product, she demands a product she can trust for its safety, comfort and unique style. Our goal is to make life a little bit easier for moms, so they don’t have to waste time worrying about the safety of the rugs they’re bringing into their family’s homes. As a tribute to moms everywhere, here are the best mom hacks that will take you through Mother’s Day and beyond!

Lorena Canals Rugs
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Mom Hack: Buy Products that Multitask
Multitasking is a way of life for most moms. Rarely will you find a mom only doing one task at a time. Cooking dinner while checking homework and and doing the laundry? No problem! Multitasking moms should require products that work double duty, too! Buy a moisturizer that also contains sunscreen; a diaper bag that also doubles as a purse; maternity clothes you can wear before, during and after pregnancy (Hatch Collection is our favorite!); and children’s rugs that also double as playmats. Our machine-washable rugs are super lightweight and easy to carry from room to room for use as a playmat, plus no icky chemicals to worry about, as they are all 100% cotton.

Mom Hack: Organization Tricks
Some of our favorite ways to organize your house that save time and money are: Using a shoe rack to store home cleaning products (non-toxic, of course!); use an ice cube tray to organize your jewelry, use shower curtain hooks to hang your purses; re-use baby food jars to store spices; roll your clothes instead of folding them to make room in your drawers; when cleaning up your kids’ toys, place puzzle pieces, Legos and the like inside toy buckets, purses and other toys that can double as storage.

Lorena Canals Children's Rugs
Photo courtesy of @littleunicornofficial

Mom Hack: Rugs You Don’t Have to Professionally Clean
This is our favorite mom hack! Spending money on getting a rug professionally cleaned just doesn’t seem necessary anymore, especially when there are harmful chemicals often used in those cleanings. We make all of our rugs with 100% non-toxic materials so they can easily be thrown in the wash!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms around the world. During every weekend in the month of May, we’re offering 15% off to celebrate mom. Use code: MOMLOVE at checkout. Shop now.


Eco-Friendly Rugs: Everyday is Earth Day at Lorena Canals!

Lorena Canals Earth Day Rug

Lorena Canals Earth Day Rug

For the past 46 years, April 22nd has been designated as Earth Day, a day that people around the world pay tribute to our planet. Earth Day is about bringing a collective consciousness to the world and a respect for the place that all humans call home. But at Lorena Canals, Earth Day is not just a single day. We celebrate the earth every day by staying true to our brand ethos of eco-friendly rugs and responsible manufacturing practices. We also help the children who inhabit our earth by donating proceeds to our Sakula Project, which builds schools for children in Northern India, where our rugs are handmade.

Lorena Canals Machine Washable RugsMachine Washable Rugs are Earth Friendly!
The Lorena Canals brand is rooted in an earth-friendly consciousness. We have taken extreme measures to ensure that everything we do is kind to our planet. Our rugs are made in a unique eco-friendly method with non-toxic dyes and 100% cotton materials. To avoid the use of harmful chemicals in our manufacturing process, we use a unique method where the dyes are boiled. All Lorena Canals rugs have received the famous AITEX Certificate, which authenticates the safety compliance of products made for children. What makes our eco-friendly rugs truly unique is the fact that you can throw them in your home washing machine when they get dirty, rather than paying for an expensive rug cleaning that typically entails the use of toxic chemicals.

Lorena Canals Sky Blue RugNature-Inspired Rug Designs
Many of our eco-friendly rugs were inspired by designs found in nature, such as our Sky Blue rug (pictured above), Clouds rug (available in pink, blue, purple and beige, Flowers rug (available in pistachio, pink, purple, beige and orange) and our Stars rug (available in pink, purple, pistachio, blue and beige). Whichever rug you choose to decorate your child’s room or any other room in your house, it will bring nature inside. Keeping your little ones in touch with nature is one of the most important things you can do for them. In honor of this Earth Day, we invite you to stimulate your child’s innate sense of wonder and spend the day–or an hour–exploring Mother Nature and all that she has to offer.

Shop earth-friendly, non-toxic and machine washable rugs at

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Family

Lorena Canals Butterfly Rug

Lorena Canals Butterfly RugSpring has finally arrived! And we couldn’t be more ready for it. The birds are chirping, the trees are blooming and we’re ready to say good-bye to the winter blahs. The new season is the perfect time to rearrange the furniture and add new spring touches to your home decor to help brighten up the mood. Small updates can go a long way. At Lorena Canals, we love our Nude Butterfly Vintage Rug to put some vintage-inspired spring spirit in your home. Other beautiful spring rug picks include the Hippy Collection (Yellow, Soft Pink and Soft Blue) as well as the Sky Pistachio rug. In addition to working a new rug into your living space, it’s key to refresh and renew your home to kick off the spring season with a rejuvenated feeling. Here, our spring cleaning checklist.


Lorena Canals Rugs Hippy


Spring Cleaning Tip: Declutter
Spring is the perfect time to start living a more streamlined lifestyle. If you’re not ready to go Marie Kondo then at the very least make a bag of clothes and other items you can give to charity containing the things that you haven’t used in over a year. Go through your kid’s belongings and separate the toys and clothes they’ve grown out of. Donate them to charity or find a friend or relative with kids younger than yours that could still use them. Hoarding loads of stuff that you don’t use anymore will only weigh you down. Saying goodbye to clutter is an incredibly liberating experience!


Lorena Canals Rugs

Spring Cleaning Tip: Top to Bottom Cleaning
Even if you do a weekly house cleaning, chances are you’ve neglected some of the smaller details in your house that don’t get washed very often. For a full on spring cleaning, don’t forget to tend to these items:

  • Clean your outdoor furniture
  • Clean the BBQ grill
  • Wash your rugs (Lorena Canals rugs are all machine washable)
  • Dust off lighting fixtures
  • Clean your entry mat
  • Wash windows and window sills
  • Wash door knobs
  • Dust the television screen
  • Clean ceiling fan blades
  • Sweep the porch


Lorena Canals Rugs

Spring Cleaning Tip: It Can be Family Time
Get the whole family involved in your spring cleaning efforts. Pick a day and mark the calendar. When the big cleaning day arrives, assign a task for each family member. Turn on Spotify and get cleaning! Set a timer so everyone knows break time is in the cards. Make sure you have some yummy snacks to munch on during breaks. Better yet, bake cookies the night before to motivate the little ones and use them as a reward.

Get in the mood for Easter and spring with a new Lorena Canals rug in a fun and bright color. Shop our machine washable rugs now

Non-Toxic Rugs that are Safe for Kids and Pets


Lorena Canals Machine Washable Rugs

(Photo Credit: Live Sweet Photography)

Our Non Toxic Rugs are Safe for Kids and Pets
We are committed to producing safe and responsibly made rugs for the entire family–parents, babies, cats, dogs (and even pigs!). Our eco-friendly, machine washable and non-toxic rugs are all handmade by artisans using 100% natural cotton and natural dyes with non-toxic chemicals. All of our rugs have the AITEX Certificate (Technologic and Textile Institute), which safely authenticates the compliance for products intended for children.

(Our Hippy Rug in Mint, pictured above, gets some love from two cute furry friends.)

Lorena Canals Hippy Rugs

Each Lorena Canals Rug is Unique
No two rugs are alike! Lorena Canals rugs are handmade with love by our artisans, so each rug is unique and original, due to the handcrafted nature.  By following a socially conscious manufacturing process, which entails boiling the dyed water to a specific temperature per color so no harmful chemicals are used in the dying process, each rug comes out slightly different. Thanks to the machine washable nature of our rugs, our artisans are able to incorporate vivid colors into the designs, adding brilliant brightness to any room.

Lorena Canals Rugs

Allergy-Safe Rugs
Our machine washable rugs do not trap dust, mites or other potential allergens, making them the best choice for children’s rooms or for people with allergies. With easy washing in your home washing machine, you’ll never have to worry about your little ones being exposed to dirt or germs. After a play date or a birthday party at home, just throw the rug in the wash!

Lorena Canals Rugs

Our Rugs are Multifunctional
Thanks to the 100% natural cotton fibers, our rugs are warm in winter and cool in summer. Their flexibility and lightness, compared to traditional rugs, allows you to easily  move them anywhere in the house. In fact, many parents use our rugs as a safe and cozy alternative to a play mat. You can also let kids play, drink and eat on the rugs without having to worry. We like to say: ‘Let them get messy!’

Children’s Rugs From Lorena Canals Now in the US

Lorena Canals American Flag Rug

Lorena Canals American Flag Children's Rug

Coming to America
Lorena Canals Machine Washable Children’s Rugs Launches in the United States

It’s been a busy and exciting start to the new year! We kicked off 2016 with a full launch of our machine washable children’s rugs in the United States and Canada. The new Lorena Canals United States website features many of the stylish children’s rugs that have become so popular and beloved in Europe. Of course, the American Flag rug has already become a sensation among stylish moms in the United States. North American parents are thrilled that they now have a safe, comfortable and machine washable spot for their little ones to rest, play and even snack (!) on. Our stylish children’s rugs are handmade entirely of 100% cotton, non-toxic dyes, and free of VOCs. All Lorena Canals kids and baby rugs are machine washable and responsibly made in India under fair labor practices. A portion of proceeds from our rugs goes to building schools in Northern India, where our rugs are made.


Lorena Canals Machine Washable Children's Rugs

Lorena Canals Rugs in the Media
We are feeling so fortunate to have received an amazing response already from the press and on social media in the United States! After launching in the United States, many popular moms on Instagram quickly began sharing their love for Lorena Canals children’s rugs. Karla Reed posted this photo (above) of her two kids playing on our Solidary Grey rug and she said: “Just snapped this of the kids playing in their room on their new rug. A little about this adorable rug. It’s from Lorena Canals and I can’t say enough amazing things about them! First off their rugs are WASHABLE!! Talk about a mommy hack/lifesaver! They’re also handmade, eco friendly using non-toxic dyes and are super soft and cozy.”


Lorena Canal Angel Wings Rug

Other moms are repeating Karla’s sentiments all over Instagram, including Wendy Bentley of @bentleyblonde, who says: “Loving Colton’s new Star Rug from Lorena Canals and super bonus, it’s machine washable! So no worries about spit up, stains or dirt.” Instagram sensation Bella Falconi fell in love with our Angel Wings Rug for her little one (pictured above). Lorena Canals machine washable children’s rugs have also been featured on popular mom blogs and websites, including Cricket’s Circle, Momma Society, Little Southern Life, Project Nursery and

Lorena Canals Children's Rugs at NY Now Show

Lorena Canals Hits the American Trade Show Circuit
We are thrilled to announce that the team from Lorena Canals children’s rugs are coming to the NY NOW Gift Show in New York City to share our rugs and to give a sneak peek at our new machine washable cushions to retailers and press in the United States. The NY NOW show is known all over North America for highlighting some of the coolest new brands and products for the home and for gifts. The NY NOW Gift Show will be at the Javits Center from January 31st through February 3rd in New York City. We will be at booth# 7003, come by and say hi!

Now stylish moms in America can easily shop for Lorena Canals machine washable rugs at or on the new online shop from Project Nursery. Look out for more retailers in North America coming soon! 


Halloweeen Lorena Canals

Halloween is coming and children love this party! As we know, it’s important to do activities with your children. From Lorena Canals we are going to help you to organize a craft worskshop with them to decorate the house with a terrifying style. We prepared a design to use for the decoration in your home, enjoying a familiar activity.

Halloween is an opportunity to do crafts all the family, prepare special food or the moment to dress up with a costume and have a good time.

We have prepared a board on Pinterest with some original ideas for Halloween: crafts, terrifying food, costumes,… Click here

halloween recortable



ABC Kids Expo

abc kids expo lorena canals

For the first time Lorena Canals assists to ABC Kids Expo in the United States where we established 5 months ago to introduce the brand to more families. Lorena Canals’ expansion to other countries is in process and going to ABC Kids Expo is an opportunity to get our washable rugs known.

ABC Kids Expo is an annual International fair in Las Vegas where international children product’s brands are represented. Currently we are the third Spanish company that assists to the show and we are very proud to be there!

From 18th to the 20th of October you can visit us at the Nursery Decor Section in Las Vegas Convention Center Booth 1428. Hope to see you there! For more information you can visit the website of the shot: click here




Best Happy Birthday Party!

cumpleaños lorena canals

Your birthday’s child is coming and of course you want to organize a happy birthday party with all her/his friends to have a great day! We know it’s a lot of time organize everything so we want to give you some advice and ideas to make it easier.

The trend is organizing a topic happy birthday party. If your children loves a cartoon character you can focus the party in this one but you also can focus in a color or theme: princess, pirates, cowboys,…


Card invitations

You should think how many kids you are going to invite and start making a selection list. We know it’s not easy to exclude but we can’t invite everybody so don’t worry because the other families will understand it.

The cards are important because when hand in to their friends they feel like a main character. You can buy them or do it yourself with any program or website that enable you to customized.



The basic décor elements you should not forgive are the Happy Birthday letters, the garlands and balloons. If you decide to focus the party on a topic all the décor elements should be with the same theme. If instead you are not focusing on a topic, feel free to choose the colors on harmony.


The meal

We should choose when they finish school to celebrate de happy birthday parties and the meal is really important for them because they’re growing up. Sweets are their favorites but you can’t forget a healthy meal.

You have to offer different options because there’s always someone don’t like or can’t eat something; you should inform before to be prepared if someone is allergic or have food intolerance.


Shows and Games

The objective is to play and enjoy! Organize the toys they’ll use or the games. Clowns, wizard, makeup workshop,… some of those options to boost the party!


We prepared also a board on Pinterest with some ideas we find. Inspire with them and organize the best happy birthday party! Click here


Nuevas alfombras Lorena Canals

Today we want to explain you how important is wash your children rugs in a   washing machine. We use 100% Natural Cotton in our rugs, so this option is possible: You can be relaxed when your children play on the rug because the dyes we use are not toxic.

Children can play, paint, eat… confortable on the washable rugs because are cozy and soft. Parents also could be secure because our rugs are safety, handmade and machine-washable.

Lorena Canals is a reference in children’s rug sector and innovates every season with new designs that fit with any style. We just introduced at the best international Decoration Trade Shows, the new washable rugs collection: “Trenzas” and two new colors from our reference Tricolor Stars.

Trenzas is in 2 sizes available: 120 x 160 cm and 80 x 120 cm and the design with volume and 800g of cotton more than the other collections (thicker base). They are soft, cozy, and bring warmth and sweetness to any room.

Giving the success of our washable collection “Tricolor Stars”, we have launched two more references using our new soft colors: soft pink, soft blue, pearl grey, vanilla, soft mint and dark grey.

You can fit it with two new colors of Star washable cushions: Vanilla and Soft Mint.

If you want to see all the washable rugs click here.