How to decorate your table for Christmas

Easy table decor for Christmas
Easy table decor for Christmas

4 Great Christmas decor ideas to get your table ready in less than ten minutes!

Company dinner, kids and this Christmas’ school play, phones that keep ringing, suitcases and family. It smells like home and Christmas carols. And then there’s you, who doesn’t even remember who was bringing the Champagne this year!

Festive table decor

Admit it, Christmas is just around the corner and on top of the usual last minute shopping, you’ve left the table decoration to the end.

Don’t worry, all is not lost. Get inspired by these 4 great ideas to have the table ready in less than ten minutes!

1- Poinsettia: put some color on your table

It’s a Christmas classic. Native to Mexico, the red color of its reddish leaves used to be revered by the Aztecs, who cultivated it. Poinsettia symbolized the blood of the sacrifices offered up to the sun for them.

Poinsettia Picture

Finding the plant around this time of year won’t be difficult for you as it has been filling up shop windows and florists for weeks, but if you don’t have time, just pop into ProFlowers or Interflora, who will deliver it to your home.

Once you’re home, get down to work! Get hold of a centerpiece with copper or aluminum finishing, like the ones you can find in This will become the perfect holder to unleash your creativity. Basic materials such as twigs of holly, earth, and a bit of red ribbon conveniently placed, will be enough to decorate your table for this Christmas holiday season.

Christmas Centerpieces Poinsettia
Christmas Centerpieces Poinsettia

2- Candles: add a touch of magic

From time immemorial fire has had an almost magical effect on man, and as such, it still has a predominant place in the decorative elements preferred by everybody. Related to spirituality and calm, candles are the ideal feature to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Table Decor by Lorena Canals

Candles are an element available in all sizes, shapes and even smells. Our advice is to aim to give uniformity and balance to the whole decor, maintaining a single size and color throughout the entire table. A great idea is to place the small Ikea candles in glass candle holders, which we all usually have at home. The effect is fantastic! Find this and other trends on this Pinterest board.

3- Spices and fruits: transform the everyday

Another way to liven up your table is to transform fruits and spices into decorative motifs.

Greenery Christmas Decoration
Greenery Christmas Decoration

Ingredients found on every cook’s shelves, such as bay and cinnamon and fruits typical of this season such as pomegranate or orange can become the perfect ornament this Christmas.

Citrus Christmas Decor
Citrus Christmas Decor

Nothing faster than picking a dish and distributing fruits and herbs around it. Remember to keep a harmonious color palette. Place some bay branches around the pomegranate or add oranges or berries if you want to bring more contrast and texture to your table.

4- Ribbons and cords: the perfect finish

Easy to find, whether in your nearest shop or in decoration stores, who doesn’t have at least a couple of ribbons at home? And what’s best, they work wonders for decor emergencies!
Cinnamon and String Decorations
Cinnamon and String Decorations

On their own ribbons and cords are merely an accessory but like most accessories, they play a decisive role in the final result. Pick a festive color. Red or white bows go perfectly for this time of the year. 

Christmas decor by Lorena Canals
Easy table decor for Christmas
Easy table decor for Christmas

That’s it, you made it to the end! If after reading this blog post you don’t even have ten minutes to spare to decorate your table, you can always try this year’s trend by adding colorful napkins and cutlery!

Ta-dadadah! Now you can relax and enjoy the festive season with the family!


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