Perfecting Scandinavian interior design in your own home

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Scandinavian Design

5 Keys to master Scandinavian Design this winter 

Scandinavian design never gets old. It is simple, functional and balanced, and since the release of Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life last October, it has swept through our homes once more.

Written by the well-known Niki Brantmark, the brains behind, the book is an invitation to seek balance not only in design, but also in our lives. By creating the right atmosphere at home we can explore our inner selves and relax our senses.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Finding ways to reconnect with ourselves and boost energy levels after a long day’s work is always important, but it can be challenging at times, especially when is chilly outside!

Here’s a quick guide with 5 tips for perfecting Scandinavian interior design in your own home that will help you survive this winter:

1- Simplify

Scandinavian design is all about being pure, calm, simple and functional. A common theme of all the amazing Nordic homes we love is their simplicity. It is time to declutter your home. Start small, focus on a room, a space or even a zone within a room (like the shelves in your living room) and start clearing out. Keep only those items that add something to your life and wave goodbye to jammed shelves.

Home Workspace

Start 2018 feeling lighter by stripping your home back to basics and making more room for what really matters: playing with your kids, enjoying your moments of solitude and spending some quality time with family and friends.

2- Fresh Flowers and Nature

Computers, ipads, tv and mobile phones: we spend most of our time in front of a screen. Replace them with flowers and natural elements that will breathe life into every room of your house.

Flower Vase

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional gardener. Simply adding fresh flowers to a glass jar, or a few stems thrown into an elegant ceramic vase will create positive energy and leave a nice scent throughout your home.

Another great way to welcome natural elements into your Scandinavian-style home are pine-cones and nuts. Placed in a bowl or a wicker basket, they create the perfect welcoming feeling with a touch of rustic decor.

Nature Prints

For the braver ones among us, we recommend combining fabrics with floral patterns and items with botanical prints like this wallpaper or our tropical vibes rug to give your home the perfect exotic touch. Don’t want to be overwhelmed? Don’t get carried away. Why not try mixing and matching smaller items like cushions?

Tropical_Green_Lorena Canals
Tropical Green-Lorena Canals

3-  Add a pinch of color

Scandinavian designers love neutral colors. White, beige and light grey accents are often combined with blacks, and pieces of wooden furniture that add some color to their otherwise muted color palette.

This range of colors brings a sense of serenity and brightness to every room and helps us switch off from the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day.

Nordic Lines Vintage Nude-
Nordic Lines Lorena Canals

Savvy home decorators can also try adding a pinch of this season’s trendy colors like blue Klein, petroleum, nude vintage or wood rose to escape monochromy without altering the overall balanced look.

4- Add more layers

A few weeks ago we shared a post with all the keys to getting cozy in our homes, and it’s fair to say that our Nordic friends know a good deal about how to keep warm in winter, wouldn’t you say?

Livingroom Scandinavian Style
Livingroom Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design is filled with organic materials such as wool, leather and cotton that cover every piece of furniture and surface like floors, sofas, chairs and even walls.

Trace Lorena Canals

These materials add some personality to what can otherwise be quite cold, sober spaces. Moroccan-style rugs like the Bereber Beige from Lorena Canals latest collection provide the perfect finishing touch by combining the elegant Scandinavian style with a vibrant vintage one.

Lorena Canals Rugs
Photo courtesy of @Maitreyi Falkenstein

5- Light, light, light

Unlike their neighbors further South, light is scarce in Nordic countries so lighting is key in Scandi interiors.

Window close up Scandinavian Decor

White curtains, which let in plenty of light, and big windows with minimal decor are pivotal features of Nordic interior designs, while bare lamps and copper bulbs, free of any ornamentation, hang from walls and ceilings to add a bit more light to gloomy corners.

Scandinavian Spaces picture
Scandinavian Decor

Another way to let that extra bit of light into your house is to use accessories such as mirrors to make the most of the available space.

That’s it! Master Scandinavian Design this winter with following these simple 5 steps!

Passionate about Scandinavian interior design? What are your favorite tricks to give your home that perfect Nordic style this Christmas? We love to hear them!





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