Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids

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When you’re parents, Valentine’s Day takes on a different meaning than it did back in your days as a new couple. While a romantic candlelit night just the two of you may not be so easy to sneak away for this year, there are some fun ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. From baking a favorite treat with your littles to surprise them with some heart felt goodies, Valentine’s Day lends the perfect opportunity to shower your brood with love. Here, some fun ideas on celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids.

Lorena Canals Heart Cushions
Decorate the House
Get crafty and transform your house into a heart-filled haven. Hang up some homemade heart garlands. You can use old books, origami paper, newspapers or construction paper to create your DIY heart garlands. Try sprucing up the house with some heart-shaped decor. Our machine washable heart cushions are stylish and playful way to add some whimsy to their bedrooms or your living room. Don’t worry if you spill a little Valentine’s candy on them either, they can just get tossed in the washing machine.

Lorena Canals rugs

(photo of our Solidary Rug courtesy of @rachzoeykris)

Be Nice to Others
Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love. Whether it’s being extra sweet to a sibling or finding a charity to donate to, this is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids the power of sharing.

Lorena Canals Flowers

(photo of Lorena Canals Ombre Vanilla and Soft Pink rug courtesy of @ohjoy)

Show Some Class
Valentine’s Day often involves a class party, but while you’re stocking up on cards for the other children, don’t forget the teachers! Buy a dozen roses and have your kids bring in a flower to give each of their teachers–even their art, music and gym teachers. Not only will this put your kids in a good mood, but their teachers will love the adorable gesture.


Lorena Canals Puffy Love rugThe Snuggle is Real
Surprise the kids with a soft and cuddly new friend! Our new Puffy Love heart-shaped rug comes with its own built-in cushion — perfect for cozying up together and reading their favorite book. This machine washable rug is the ideal spot for cat naps or snuggles. Puffy Love is available now for pre-order and will deliver in early March.

Lorena Canals heart rugShow Some Heart
Shop our fun machine washable hearts rugs to add a touch of Valentine’s Day love to your house all year round. Choose from the Hearts Beige Multi Color (above).

Pink Hearts rug lorena canalsThe Hearts Pink Rug lends a girlie vibe.

linen-hearts-white lorena canalsThe Hearts Linen and White rug is a sweet touch to any neutral palette.

All of our machine washable hearts rugs and cushions are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family! 


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