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Lorena Canals Sakula project

Sakûla project

Here at Lorena Canals, it’s not enough for us to create products that make your home prettier. We go beyond to make sure that all of our artisan made machine washable rugs, cushions and accessories are created with careful attention to detail and use only safe and non-toxic materials.

But we go even one step beyond that. With The Sakula Project, our founder Lorena Canals has committed to improving the lives of children in a remote area in Northern India, where education is not a given and going to school is considered a rare privilege.

Lorena Canals in India
Lorena Canals in India

Through The Sakula Project, a portion of proceeds from each purchase of our products goes to educating children in this community. “​It’s wonderful to see all of these children thinking about their dreams, because these dreams will turn into aspirations in the future​. Education is, undoubtedly, the key to turn those aspirations into possibilities. And we have a very important role to play here,” says Lorena.

The Sakûla Project
The Sakûla Project

With your help, we’ve been able to educate over 120 children and offer them a brighter future.

A new video we filmed shows just how important The Sakula Project is to these children. You’ll meet Aarty, one of the young lives that has been forever changed thanks to our commitment to this social mission.

We thank you, our customers, for partnering with us to make Lorena’s vision of a better future for these children a reality.

Watch The Sakula Project in action. Aarty and her friends are granted the opportunity to go to school and create better lives for themselves.



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