Decorate the walls of your home!

Fish Wall Hanging

Walls take center stage this season and Lorena Canals, in line with the international trends in decoration, has created a collection of wall hangings featuring motifs and figures also found in both the rugs and cushions of the new collection.

ABC Wall Hanging
ABC Wall Hanging


This is the first time that Lorena Canals has launched a wall decoration; inspired by the pioneering mural tapestries of the 1970s, they comprise a range of models that exhibit a range of techniques where craftsmanship and quality are the watchwords, a hallmark of the brand since its creation 25 years ago.

Bereber Wall Hanging
Bereber Wall Hanging

Art fills the walls of your home 

Ranging from more classic designs, such as the ABC hanging and the Stars hanging, which are ideal for children’s settings, to designs that are minor works of art, such as the Geometric model, the homage to all things natural represented by the Cotton Field hanging, or the touches of more restrained and intense colour in the Bereber, Cross, Morocco and Azteca designs, or the cheerfulness of the colours in the Tie-Dye collection.


The Galaxy and Baby hangings merit special mention for their tribute to the mobile form and their originality, given that they feature such emblematic motifs of the Lorena Canals collections as the mini-cushions in the shape of the Moon, Saturn, Mars, a rocket and a star (Galaxy hanging) and a cookie, bear, heart, stars, and moles (Baby hanging). Whether on a wall or above a cot, they create an inspirational atmosphere.

The entire wall hanging collection goes perfectly with the rest of the rugs, baskets, and blankets in the new collection. You can combine any item to obtain a space replete with character, originality, and style.

From rugs to wall tapestries 

And why not use our rugs as wall tapestries too? The tapestry as such has been around for centuries. A legacy of Byzantine Greece, tapestries are still being hand-woven today with threads of various colors offering a wide variety of shapes and designs. Since their beginnings, tapestries have served to decorate walls and lend warmth to any setting. You can combine the colors and textures of the rugs with the design of the furniture of your living room, bedroom or even hang them in a corridor or above the cupboard in the hallway. So throw caution to the wind: hanging rugs on the wall will enable you to express a very personal style! Here are some examples.

Rug as wall decor
Rug as wall decor

Go all out for originality with Lorena Canals wall hangings and rugs, and lend a unique touch to the walls of your home!


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