A trip across the world’s dawns

Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals


When I travel I like to get up early in the morning and watch the sunrise, no matter where I am … up in the mountains, near the ocean or in a crowded city. Each dawn is unique, like each of the pieces in my new Early Hours collection.

Lorena Canals

Blending feelings, emotions, textures, and shades the rugs, blankets, baskets, and cushions featured on the new Lorena Canals collection, are merely a translation of Lorena’s inner sensations and quiet thoughts during her moments of connection with nature, put together to bring planet’s earth natural beauty from her new Early Hours Collection straight into your home.

Earth Canyon Rose rug ~Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

While creating this collection – Lorena says in our chat about Early Hours – “I wanted each of you to find in this collection what you miss in your everyday life, what brings you beautiful memories of the past or the things that bring you closer to your dreams and goals.

With each new dawn – she continues– we perceive different feelings and emotions but all of them, without exception, take us to a new day, to a new beginning. Whether it’s hot or cold, foggy or clear skies, it doesn’t matter…There is something unique about every sunrise! The Early Hours collection is my way to express those feelings, reflecting on the relevance of everything that surrounds us, a little piece of mothers nature full of vibrant energy to decorate our homes”. 

Air Savannah Red rug ~Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

Q. What is the secret of the perfect dawn?

There is a moment in each sunrise in which the light is suspended, a magical moment where anything can happen. In just eight minutes the sunlight manages to create a visual spectacle full of sensations and feelings that are unique to each of its spectators. The Early Hours collection is my way to pay tribute to those tonalities, textures, and colors that the earth and the air give off at dawn, wherever it takes place.”

Earth Alaska Blue Rug ~ Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

Shared first with our followers on Instagram – whose support keeps us going – our Early Hours collection has resonated with many of our customers around the world, who, like Lorena, enjoy magical sunrises and traveling, resulting in thousands of messages and a ton of love translated into over 200K friends on the platform.

To honor nature’s bright colors, in this new home collection the designer introduces three new colors: Alaska blue, Savannah red, and Grand Canyon pink, all of them represented in the three primary elements: fire or the underlying essential nature of earth, air, and water.


The wriggling lines embroidered in the earth design, inspired by the sunrises seen from the mountains and hills, reproduce a zigzag pattern in different shades on a cotton base. From intense blue Alaska to the vivid red of the Savannah or the warm rose of the Grand Canyon, a combination of tones that will bring to the home a look that is both adventurous and full of personality.

Earth washable rug by Lorena Canals
Earth Canyon Rose washable rug ~ Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

Above you can see the earth washable rug, available in colors from Savannah red, Canyon rose and Alaska blue. Decorating the wall our water Canyon rose available in the same colors. 

Lorena Canals mixing colors

Curious about the colors on this collection? For the Alaska Blue design, different shades of blue are used from marine to indigo, in the Savannah Red rug a combination of reddish tones mixed with some shades of green is utilized. For the Canyon Rose design, the pink color of the Grand Canyon has been applied and the ash rose that is so characteristic of the designs by Lorena Canals in combination with other pink tones.


The sky, the clouds, and the morning breeze inspire the combination of textures of the air model, a tribute to that beautiful moment at dawn in which most of us are asleep and few can enjoy the color of the sky.

Air Natural Rug ~ Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

The combination of stripes and fringes in different textures and volumes reproduces the hypnotic horizon of the sky at dawn full of nuances and colors trimmed with cotton clouds. From the red and pink sky that sunrises delights us with to the white of the clouds on a cloudy day, or the intense blue of a clear sky.


Water Savannah Red Rug, Blankets and Cushions ~ Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

Inspired by the world’s oceans, lakes, and sea, water is an expression of the designer’s passion both for nature modern art. In my travels, inspiration comes to me from any moment, feeling or image that I can feel. The sea has always been a source of inspiration for me and the sensation conveyed by the depth and colors of the ocean has captivated me ever since I was a little girl” Lorena Canals.

Final touches by our artisans in India ~ Lorena Canals

 A modern design, whose lines are inspired by the work of the abstract painter Rothko, in which three irregular rectangles stand out in different tones and colors bordered by a single color that frames and divides them one by one. Its tonalities and colors range from the reddish and pink reflection that gives us the light of dawn reflected in the sea horizon, to the intensely deep blue of the seabed.

Early Hours Collection

Each shade of carpet seems to have a different finish since the colors are mixed producing a diffused canvas like that produced by the water’s depths. This design is suitable both for decorating the floor and walls of any home.           

Like all of the brand’s washable designs, the rugs, cushions, baskets, and blankets from the Early Hours collection are washable and suitable for domestic washing machines (8 kg load), with soft and lightweight designs made of 100% cotton in which only non-toxic natural dyes have been used.

Air Alaska Blue Blanket ~ Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals     

Since 1990, Lorena Canals’ main goal has been to make life easier for all decoration lovers, especially parents, by offering a modern and practical children’s decor. Her aim is to ensure cozy and practical environments for children with machine washable rugs and accessories that keep them safe and comfortable.

Early Hours Collection by Lorena Canals

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