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Photo courtesy of @emiliechoufleurlajolie
Photo courtesy of @emiliechoufleurlajolie


If you are reading this post, then you are most likely one of us: pet-lovers. Cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs…We love having animals under our roof but creating a stylish, yet pet-friendly home can be tricky, right?

No place for naps like your bed

Don’t worry, we are on the case. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect space for your family and your four-legged friends.

Avoid wooden floors

Puppy-proof tiles and terrazzo flooring

Start by thinking about the best floors for your pets. Yes, we know, wooden floors are almost every homeowner’s favorite. Sadly, this kind of floor is likely to look worn and scratched, especially if you have a big dog, sooner than terrazzo or a tiled floor. The latter are easy to mop, resistant to claws and they also make a room look classic but functional.

Hard floors for your kitten

If you do decide to settle on a hardwood floor, we recommend buying a pet-friendly rug. Not only you will create the perfect napping spot for your pet, but you will also ensure your floors keep glowing for longer.

Washable Rugs

All right, we will admit this one is a bit too obvious but you have got to agree, there is nothing quite as practical as a washable rug when it comes to creating a perfect pet-friendly home.

Pet-friendly rugs and home decor
Pet-friendly rugs and home decor
Photo courtesy of @daniellaaamaria
Photo courtesy of @daniellaaamaria

Not only do rugs make the comfiest spot for your pets’ snoozes, they also protect floors from claws and stains, muffle the sound of their steps and toy drops and our washable rugs even help you keep your room hair and odor free at all times.

Perfect washable rugs for kids and pets
Cuteness overload with our machine washable rugs

Fur-tone fabric

Consider this for a second. Ok, it might sound crazy, but using your pet’s fur color as an inspiration for your home can be not just the most creative idea you have heard recently but also the most practical one!

Perfect napping spot
Perfect napping spot

Get a mustard cushion for your sofa to match your Golden Retriever or pick a black cover to match your black Lab.This will not only make for an aesthetically pleasing combination but it will also save you from vacuuming hair every day.

Pet-friendly rug
Mix and match with your pet-friendly rug

The same goes for your sheets… whether you want to admit it or not, your little friend probably loves to snuggle up in bed with you and so taking fur color into account when picking up a duvet cover might not be such a silly idea after all.

Photo courtesy of Cute Head Kids
Photo courtesy of @CuteHeadKids

Pet-proof painting

If you are a parent you probably know what we are talking about already. Remember that flat-finish paint in cream scent on the walls of your baby’s nursery, or that cool grey shade on your kitchen walls? How long before they needed repainting? Let’s be honest, once your kids take their first steps, life can get messy and bringing a puppy to your newly painted home can be a bit like that too.


High-gloss paints are easy to wipe down and far more durable than flat paint. While matte finish and other lower-sheen paints are good for low traffic areas such as your master bedroom, a satin finish will keep your family room looking elegant while keeping up with your pets’ shenanigans.

Stain-resistant fabrics

Lastly, choose the right fabric for your furniture. Velvet might be trendy this year, but if you are bringing a pet to your home, or you already have one, you might like to consider other options for your furniture since fabrics such as velvet and silk act like a magnet for your pet’s hair.

Comfy bed
Comfy bed
pets at home
Sharing your bed with your pet

Synthetic fabrics such as denim, canvas or artificial leather are good alternatives for your upholstery and they are far more durable, but if you really want a fabric that resists stains and odors you should try Crypton fabric. Designed by dog-owner William Wegman, you can find a wide range of designs on his online shop


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