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“I love rugs. They help to define spaces within the home and offer a softness underfoot that makes any space feel more cozy.

I have been a long-time fan of Lorena Canals’ rugs for their softness, quality…and the best part…they are machine washable!

When you have kids, pets, or just life happening in your home, it’s so important to have pieces that you can easily keep clean.

In our collection with Lorena Canals, we designed the rugs with the joy, whimsy, and delight of everyday in mind to create the “HAPPY” Rug Collection.”

Joy Cho, designer & founder of Oh Joy! 

Joy Cho on her #OhJoyForLorenaCanals Photo courtesy of Lilly Glass

Whether you spend a big chunk of your time on Pinterest – hey, no need to feel guilty about it – have an itch for decor or have always dreamt of becoming a successful blogger-slash entrepreneur- slash designer, you know who Joy Cho is. Founder of the Oh Joy! brand, her whimsical designs, topped off with colorful patterns and confetti showers, have now joined our Lorena Canals machine-washable rugs world to bring you the Happy Rug Collection your home was dreaming of.

Joy Cho founder of Oh Joy!

An explosion of color

Featuring six original designs, the collection has been inspired by colorful hills, marshmallow-like clouds, flowers and happy moments from day-to-day life.

Happy Daisies Rug ~ Photo courtesy of Lily Glass for Oh Joy

From daisies – like on the rug pictured above – to rainbows, on her designs for the Oh Joy for Lorena Canals collaboration, Joy has created an explosion of color and good vibes that will take your home by storm. 

Making life easier for parents and decor lovers

Handmade of 100% cotton by Lorena Canals artisans and using only natural dyes to ensure colors stay bright over time, bringing Joy’s designs to live has been a wonderful challenge for Lorena, who feels like this collaboration is just bringing her another step closer to her goal of making life for parents and decor lovers easier by creating machine-washable products.

Happy Hills handmade process
Happy Party Rug Oh Joy For Lorena Canals

You can read more about Lorena’s thoughts on the Oh Joy For Lorena Canals collaboration here.

Happy Days Rug Oh Joy For Lorena Canals ~ Photo courtesy of Lily Glass for Oh Joy

Get your Happy Rug

Fresh, simple, jovial and fun, each rug within this collection its unique in its own way, just like your home. Find your Happy Rug from our Happy Rug collection in select Lorena Canals stores or online. Check out our #OhJoyForLorenaCanals on Instagram for more inspiration.

Happy Lanes Rug Oh Joy For Lorena Canals



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