Back to School with our Sakûla Project

Back to School by LC
Back to School Collection by Lorena Canals


July 2018.- Lorena Canals’ involvement in the schooling of children in northern India through her social project Sakûla has been the motive and inspiration of this new collection that has resulted in designs that will dazzle those who feel nostalgia for school material and math lovers.

Sakûla Project

“A collection designed for those who feel nostalgia for school materials and math lovers”

The Back to School Collection

The Back to School collection is based on four basic concepts: math, maps, school materials and numbers which, through rugs, cushions, tapestries, blankets, and baskets, revive classic designs in the form of maps, mathematical symbols, notebooks, pencils, rulers, and abacuses.

Ideal for children who enjoy studying or for those who are lazier and just want to add a touch of inspiring color to their bedroom.

Back to School by Lorena Canals
Back to School by Lorena Canals

I Love Math

 A series of formulas and mathematical expressions embroidered in chalk color that mix the color of the base with the white of the chalk on a base of green colored slate with the usual technique of the signature, which simulates a school blackboard.

The chalk color is the result of the combination of white and the color of the base in the same stitch. The floor cushion, woven in the shape of the “+” symbol, is made with a mixture of slate-green and natural-colored threads and will offer an extra place to sit.

Washable I Love Math Rug by Lorena Canals
Washable I Love Math Rug by Lorena Canals


Two world maps of very different styles to adorn floors or decorate walls. 

The “Vintage Map” rug, with the world map and the ocean woven on a natural base in light vintage colors and shades, has been designed to embellish the floor or, thanks to the lightness of its natural cotton, to hang on the wall as a tapestry for decoration and to help children learn the oceans and countries.

Vintage Maps Collection by Lorena Canals
Vintage Maps Collection by Lorena Canals

The “Canvas Map” model, on the other hand, is a tapestry for the wall. On its natural cotton canvas base, the silhouette of a slate-green world map has been embroidered.

It offers an original and creative option that replaces the boring paper map. In addition, as a brand novelty, this model can be customized by painting it with dyes or permanent paintings, adding flags, photos, names, and memories with pins or, simply, using it to play and revise countries, capitals, oceans or seas.

Washable Map by Lorena Canals
Washable Map by Lorena Canals

Both designs are adapted both to adorning floors and to decorating the walls of rooms of curious children eager to study or nostalgic adults and travelers.


What do we use most and need when we start working or studying? On the table, you should not be without a notebook, an eraser, a pencil and a ruler.

If we add a garland full of desk features, we have the ideal combination to decorate any area of children’s study or the perfect excuse to remember our student past in the office or at home.

Notebook Rug by Lorena Canals
Notebook Rug by Lorena Canals

The “Notebook” rug, matching the blanket and cushion of the same name, is a reproduction of the classic school notebook with lines for filing. A blank page, woven in natural cotton, to write your own story.

The cushions in this series, which are removable and washable in a conventional washing machine, are a charming reproduction of vintage erasers and classic semicircular protractors for measuring angles.

The cushions of the collection are made of Tricot cotton, which makes them very soft to the touch.

Washable cushions by Lorena Canals

The classic pencil-shaped baskets come in two sizes: small and large. A storage basket made with natural cotton rope cord perfect for storing pencils, toys, school accessories and much more.

The lid, shaped like a pencil tip, allows you to keep everything clean and free of dust.

School Garland by Lorena Canals
School Garland by Lorena Canals

The “School” garland, with hand-sewn, natural cotton numbers, pencils, and rulers appear on embroideries as mini cushions made with the rug base is the ideal complement for a child’s room or the perfect gift to decorate a baby’s room.

Baby Numbers

Getting kids to like math is a challenge for most parents. The most childlike models of the Back to School collection are inspired by numbers and simple and straightforward mathematical expressions woven in relief in different pastel colors on gray bases.

The “Baby Numbers” collection with the rug and the wall carpet made up of numbers, and the cushion inspired by the iconic abacus with cotton strings and movable pompoms will help to make math fun and for children to remember numbers in a visual way from very early ages.

Baby Numbers by Lorena Canals

Like all the brand’s washable designs, all the pieces of the Back to School collection are washable and suitable for domestic washing machines (8 kg load) except the hangers.

They are soft and light designs made of 100% cotton in which only non-toxic natural dyes have been used.

Since 1990, Lorena Canals’ main goal has been to make life easier for all decoration lovers, especially parents, by offering a modern and practical children’s decor. Her aim is to ensure cozy and practical environments for children with machine washable rugs and accessories that keep them safe and comfortable.


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