Out with the old in with the new

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

4 #2017 trends that won’t be around in 2018

That’s right. Another year is over. It wouldn’t be accurate to say “we didn’t see it coming”, especially while a huge calendar hangs on the wall right in front of our desk at Lorena Canals headquarters, but with so many dates marked in red, 19th of January Maison&Objet, New York in February, India in March…

And so, we stare at it so often that at times it seems to fade away, melting somehow with the decor around it. It happens, right?

Calendar 2017
Calendar 2017

So that was that. So long 2017. Time to get the champagne out, eat some grapes, dress up, break some plates, toss a coin, get on your new colorful underwear or whatever it is that you usually do to celebrate the western new year in your side of the world.

In our corner of the world, the home decor- rug designer one,  we are ready for our own version of New Year’s celebration. Guess what? Yes! It is time to re-decorate yet again.

New Year
New Year

Decorating is a work in progress. Even if you are a professional, and keep a close eye on every single detail, homes seem to have a life of their own. Old family gifts, odd souvenirs, collector’s items, inspiring pieces and of course, new trends are all to be considered if you want to get your house ready for the new year!

 1 #Out  White walls

There are very few styles that we love more than the Scandinavian one and its color palette – need proof? read more about it on 5 Keys to master Scandinavian Design this winter- but it is time to shake it up a bit.

white walls
White walls

2018 will be a year full of expressive colors. Escape from cool greys and bare white walls by bringing bold tones into your spaces. Rich, vibrant pigments, such as emerald green, blue klein or the UltraViolet hue chosen by Pantone experts Pantone Color of the Year will be a must next year.

If you are hesitant about committing to such a vivid color try first with small pieces of furniture and cushions. Big rooms also allow you to experiment with one wall at a time.

2 #Out Copper Overdo

With a hashtag of its own #copper decor trend has been hot for the past five years and while it doesn’t seem to slow down in 2018 few designers have spoken of copper overload.

Copper decor
Copper decor

Resist the overkill by selecting a single item in a nice gold-orange tone and place it in a prominent area of your living room. It will stand out and get that attractive touch that you like so much.

3 #Out DIY

Don’t get us wrong. We enjoy a good DIY as much as anybody else but not every single piece of furniture has to be made out of pallets for example. It is time to be honest with yourself, did that project turn out as good as you hoped? Is it comfy enough?

DIY Home decor
DIY Home decor

2017 has seen a total shift in interior design and in 2018 design will definitely have no room for “easy” crafts instead you should go for artisanal, elegant furniture that will give personality to your home.

4 #Out bulbs

Last but not less, it is time to let go of industrial design. Industrial design, more specifically bare bulbs have been trendy for a while now. We have seen them in almost every bar, restaurant, office, minimalist home and home decor magazine for the last few years. It is time for them to die.


It is time to try something else. How about we add some ornaments to your lighting arrangements? Don’t go overboard, try metallic lighting that matches your home decor.

That’s it! You are now ready to welcome in 2018!


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