Welcome back, Terrazzo

Terazzo Marble Washable Rug


We all know that fashions return. And we are delighted that Terrazzo is no exception.

It is a trend that was particularly prominent in the 70s and used to decorate the floors of many homes.

Its origin goes back centuries to the beautiful Italian city of Venice, specifically in the fifteenth century, where the nobles used to adorn their houses with marble, a precious mineral that was well-known known for its durability.

White Marble
White Marble

They decided to take advantage of the material that was left over for these constructions and to give it a different shape by combining it with cement, thus achieving a really beautiful natural mosaic, which has subsequently been perfected to add personality and character to the space it occupies.

Terrazzo is made in such a way that each piece turns out unique and each detail special.

Although initially made of marble and white cement, today other materials are used and even cement with colored pigments is used to increase Terrazzo’s variety, making it a style suitable for all tastes.

There are also different types depending on the size of the aggregate used such as micro grain, medium grain and coarse grain. Each one brings a different personality to the spaces chosen to be decorated with this material.

Originally, it was flooring that was chosen to be decorated with Terrazzo, but it has returned stronger than ever before and today we are seeing it on other decorative features such as vases or even dishes.

Terrazzo decorative features
Terrazzo decorative features

It has also spread through spaces other than the traditional ones, and has even made its way up the walls of rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom because of its resistance to humidity.

The latest novelty it brings us are the colors it comes in.

Traditionally, the tones used for decoration were earthy or whitish tones. Now its use ranges from the multicolored to other more daring ones such as turquoise.

Types of terrazzo
Types of terrazzo

Ever since we knew that it would return, all of us here at Lorena Canals were so smitten with the trend that we couldn’t avoid launching a small rug collection that perfectly represents the whole range of Terazzo nuances, all inspired by nature, which is what characterizes this material.

Ideas for terrazzo
Ideas for terrazzo

The advantage of it being a rug is that it isn’t necessary to change the entire floor of a bedroom or living room, which is actually what we would like to do to all of them.

We hope you liked it!


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