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Rugs that are pure art

Art, the ultimate expression of the intangible, is the translation of an individual’s feeling or impulse into something that transcends the boundaries of the imaginary.

If thinking about the history of humankind inevitably means to think about the history of art, then thinking about art also means to think about decoration.


Whether it is a photograph, an oil painting or a Pop Art illustration, which has become so fashionable in recent years, or an accessory with hand-made finishing, few things decorate the walls of our homes so stylishly and with such personality as a work of art.

Rugs: from floor to wall

Designed by true creative geniuses and made with great care by expert artisan hands, it was just a matter of time before rugs moved from the floor to the wall, and the fact of the matter is that there are rugs that are pure art.


Far from their original function in palaces and manor houses, rugs and tapestries have once again taken their rightful place in household decoration but this time as an alternative, not just to keep the walls warm in the cold winter months, but also to give texture and depth to rooms with character.

Here we present four very different styles to brighten up the walls of your home and turn your living room into a gallery of good taste:

Classic Style

Attain a sober and stylish touch by mixing rugs combining neutral colors with the gradient technique.

An ethnic touch

Lovers of boho-chic, and its more moderate minimalist version, soft boho-chic, have been the first to get into this fashion, as we saw in our post a few weeks ago, which includes rugs and tapestries with tribal motifs on walls and ceilings.

Proportion and Geometry

Sought after by artists and decorators alike during their creative processes, proportion and geometry are also present in modern industrial design, which thanks to their shapes provide symmetry and character to any room.

Wool – the King of natural fibers

Textile material par excellence, these woolen items, don’t just give depth and texture to floors and walls, but also provide the best insulation for the coldest months of the year.

If you fancy finding out more, Apartment theory provides you with other options for your walls here.



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