When rugs start to make sense

Welcome the first washable wool rugs!

With the success of Lorena Canals rugs with its lightweight, practical and easy-care rugs that can be machine-washed at home, Woolable by Lorena Canals® was introduced in 2019 revolutionizing the washable rug concept once again, and now it is a registered patent of invention in recognition of its innovative concept.

Washable wool rugs that combine comfort, practicality, top quality and high design. Now everything is washable – including wool!

Meet our Woolable Values

Like Lorena Canals products, Woolable by Lorena Canals® is also aligned with our commitment to the environment and society. We take care of all the production processes, from the collection of the wool until the product leaves the factory and arrives at your home, ensuring the best quality and safety.

Wool Shedding

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

Washing & Cleaning Recommendations

We help you to keep your Woolable rugs in perfect condition, creating a clean and safe environment for your home.