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The design of the Barcelona rug is reminiscent of the famous modernist mosaics of the Catalan city.

Made of natural cotton, dyed with non-toxic dyes, this washable rug features a sober multicolored mosaic tufted in different pile heights to provide a plush underfoot while outlining the grid.

As a small-sized rug, it is very versatile for decorating any corner of the home with no need to worry about stains, since it is machine washable. Place it by the bed, in the hall, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, next to the crib or in the children's room.

The PANTONE™ collection has up to 6 different rug designs to mix and match, or to collect!



Cotton - Our Star Raw Material:

  • Hypoallergenic - Cotton in general does NOT cause allergies.
  • Does not cause skin irritation. Suitable for asthmatics.
  • As a natural fiber, it does not generate static electricity.
  • Good moisture absorption + heat conductor - breathable.
  • With proper care, cotton has a long life. Use mild detergents.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PRACTICAL. The flexible cotton canvas backing makes the rug lightweight. Easy to fold, store, or put to wash. We recommend using an anti-slip underlay to keep the rug in place.
ARTISANALLY HANDCRAFTED ONE BY ONE IN INDIA. Each piece is one of a kind, which may cause very slight variations from one to another.
NON-TOXIC DYES. Color shades may vary slightly, especially if the fiber is undyed.
SAFE. This product is non-toxic and complies with all quality and safety regulations for children. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 certified.


A Lorena Canals rug is for life, to make it last longer, we recommend that you follow these wash and care tips:

  • Check your WASHER’S DRUM CAPACITY depending on the size of the rug. If your washer is too small, opt for professional cleaning.
  • Make sure to CLEAN THE FILTERS of your washing machine and tumble dryer after use as, normally, wool rugs shed fibers.
  • Made with natural fibers. This may cause slight shedding for a while, especially after the first washes. This process will decrease over time, as the rug gets vacuumed (always on low to moderate suction mode).
  • Folding wrinkles will gradually smooth after laying the rug on the floor allowing for the fibers to naturally adapt. However, you can put the rug in the dryer to speed the process before first-time use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Antonella G
I love it!

It's beautiful, soft, and it gives character to our new space. We matched it with another of Lorena's Pantone rugs as bedside rugs. It's perfect!
Easy to wash and tumble dry (it does lose a lot of fluff at the first wash & dry), and the softness remains the same after cleaning.

céline mulot
Good & nice !

Pantone Barcelone 😊lovely !👌

Abdellah G.
Nice rug!

Nice rug!