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As creators of the washable rug concept more than 20 years ago, at Lorena Canals we pride ourselves on offering some of the best washable area rugs available in the market thanks to their easy care and top quality natural fibers.

Our rugs are handmade by Indian artisans that take care of every detail making each rug one of a kind. They can be easily tossed in the washing machine and offer a practical solution to a household with kids… because life happens!

Moreover, since the creation of our RugCycled® collection our brand has become zero waste, giving a second life to our cotton residue, upcycling leftovers, and scraps, and saving up to 90% water in the production process. This way we continue to strive for sustainability, a goal that we have stood by from our very beginnings.


Our range of cotton rugs and textile accessories was originally created with children in mind, as nursery and playroom rugs, meaning girls and boys could get messy and parents could be carefree knowing that washing is always an option!

  • With our machine washable rugs, spills and splashes are no longer an issue.
  • Our lightweight, flexible rugs can be easily picked off the floor and thrown in the washer and spin dryer to be presto for the next day!
  • This makes them extra safe in times of special care for hygiene
  • Sustainable and chemical-free, as they are handmade with natural fibers and tinted with non-toxic dyes.
  • With children always in mind, at Lorena Canals we also give back to our own solidarity Sakûla Project, providing access to education and food supplies to underprivileged children in northern India at our own nursery facilities.

Machine washable wool rugs

Our range of washable wool rugs, Woolable by Lorena Canals®, is a registered Patent of Invention in recognition of its innovative concept. It offers sophisticated style but with the same washability qualities as our cotton rugs thanks to our very own techniques in wool fiber treatment. This way, you can choose indistinctly from our range of washable cotton rugs or washable wool rugs for any room in the home including kids’ spaces!

The versatility, practicality, and plush finish of both our cotton and wool ranges has brought us to extend our collections from kids’ rooms to all the other areas of the home, adding practicality for everyday use without compromising on style. So now you can get cozy and snuggle up to watch your favorite show on the couch, while enjoying your delivery meal or host a party at home with friends and forget about food or drink spills! Just throw the rugs in the washing machine the next day to make them good as new again!

A household with pets can also benefit from using our easy-care rugs and soft furnishings such as our washable floor puffs with removable covers for practicality. However, we recommend our cut pile rugs for pets rather than those tufted with the loop technique to avoid animals fraying the yarn with their claws. Our low-maintenance, washable, non-toxic rugs will provide extra comfort and safety for you and your pets.

A style for everyone!

Our catalog offers a wide variety of area rugs and soft furnishings of many different styles, shapes, and sizes, with designs that are suitable for kids’ rooms of all ages, or for modern home interiors, so that everyone can find their perfect fit.

You can choose from round area rugs to rectangular rugs or irregular rugs; from mini to extra-large rugs, and everything in between; finished with (or without) fringes, tassels, pom-poms, or delicate hand-embroidered details.

Colors may range from pale neutrals to pastels, to bright multi-colored palettes or warm earthy hues, or even blacks, covering the whole color spectrum. Browse our catalog to match your decoration color scheme and theme!

Baby rugs such as the Mini Ones collection or the Bubbly designs –with cute pom-poms– will appeal to new parents alike for a stunning nursery reveal, although toddlers and older kids may also like to swing them around the house to move their play zones elsewhere. Sweet cookie-shaped rugs from our Biscuit collection will also bring a hint of fantasy to children’s and baby rooms in true Hansel & Gretel fashion. Toddlers can thrive learning the alphabet, the numbers, or the world map with our many ABC rugs and our Back to School collection.

The RugCycled collection, with its upcycled canvas bases and undyed cotton tufting, brings timeless design to rugs and textile accessories with a raw style that kids can grow along with and evolve their space from a newborn’s nursery to a teen’s room!

And like these, many other textile pieces in our catalog offer an array of styles to suit different needs, from the comfy Puffy collection –where rugs and pillows meet–, to a selection of basic Berber rugs or Moroccan-inspired designs that add an ethnic twist –i.e. the Kaarol or Nadoor rugs–. If you have a soft spot for greenery then you may go for jungle vibes with our Plants collection. Other more versatile pieces, such as the Sleepover puff double as a rug and floor pillow for a plush surface for kids to nap on, or even for pets!

Head for timeless designs with our favorite Air rugs from the Early Hours collection, or find a more relaxed style with boho-inspired rugs in vintage colors and finished with long tousled fringes, and hand-knotted braids or tassels. Runner rugs, on the other hand, offer the best option for decorating hallways, kitchens, or entryways, providing a soft underfoot in high traffic areas where our easy-maintenance rugs can live up to the test.

All in all, at Lorena Canals we offer a wide selection of modern rugs that are here to make your life easier with their washable, non-toxic, natural, handmade, and sustainable qualities. With designs to suit everyone’s style and needs and the perfect option to decorate the contemporary interiors of today.

When you unpack your rug, lay flat and allow the pile to condition at room temperature for 2-3 days, then brush or vacuum as normal to allow the pile to recover.
  • We recommend regular vacuum cleaning using a low-powered vacuum cleaner with the high-pile setting, to remove any loose fibers and to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the roots of the fiber.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as it may result in color fading.
  • Trim with scissors any pulled or loose threads to prevent further damage.
  • Clean spots and absorb liquid spills immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth. Avoid scrubbing to prevent damage.
  • Do not use chemicals as they could damage or fade the colors of your rug.
  • Never store your rug in an airtight plastic bag – use our practical cotton bag for storing.
  • We recommend the use of the anti-slip underlay to keep your rug in place.


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