Do you want to sell our products? Be a Lorena Canals RETAILER!

If you're interested in becoming a retailer for Lorena Canals, please carefully reviewour terms and policies to be sure they align with you as a retailer. By agreeing to these guidelines, you'll unlock access to wholesale pricing and sales support. Since it's an "at will" agreement, both parties have the flexibility to end it whenever they feel necessary. And if you have any questions or need more details, reach out to the Lorena Canals team.


1.1.   Minimum Order Quantity

For the first order, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 900€ and the total amount bought in a natural year should be equal or higher than 2.500 euros. No order below this amount (900 euros) will be accepted to open a Lorena Canals account and Lorena Canals reserves the right to stop working with a customer in case the 2.500 euros buy through the natural year is not reached.
For Accessories the following minimum quantities must be respected. Please keep in mind that our products are sold in units of one, so you are welcome to choose other styles/colors to fulfill the MOQ of each category.

For Accessories the following minimum quantities must be respected:




2 units


2 units


2 units


4 units 

Door Hangers 

2 packs 

Wall Hangers

2 units 

Ride & Roll 

2 units

Mini Lorena

2 units per style

1.2.   Payment terms

Payment of orders must be made in advance. Pre-orders can be made, but the order will not be prepared and shipped until it is paid in full, and payment is confirmed by our bank.

Once the order is issued, if payment is not received within 15 natural days, Lorena Canals reserves the right to cancel the order, where the available stock hold of these products is no longer guaranteed.

1.3.   Wholesale and R.R.P. Pricing

All our wholesale prices and Recommended Retail Prices (R.R.P.s) are specified in the Price List of each country. Our company offers RRP pricing throughout the year, only where discounts can be offered during scheduled promotion dates that are agreed with the retailer and the account manager (more details below). Lorena Canals reserves the right to terminate a wholesale account immediately if the retailer does not respect RRP pricing outside of promotion dates.

Any commercial activities that imply variations in the recommended pricing must be communicated to your Account Manager before hand. Promotional pricing is acceptable on a limited basis and must be aligned with our commercial calendar which will be provided by Lorena Canals at the beginning of each year. Discounted/sale price must be identified as a limited time “sale” with a start date and end date included in the listing. All sales must be approved in writing by your Account Manager at Lorena Canals.

Lorena Canals reserves the right to do promotional activities on the Lorena Canals official website or social networks profiles.

1.4 Delivery

In terms of delivery, we offer the following options:

Delivery to Address: Orders below 300€ will be charged a transportation fee of 15€. For orders above 300€, the shipping cost applied will be the one corresponding to the country according to country rate ( see shipping cost table included below).

Picking Fee: If the order is picked up at our warehouse, a pickup fee of 5€ per box will be charged.

Drop shipping: If the order is returned to the Lorena Canals warehouse due to issues with the delivery to the final customer and of which Lorena Canals is not responsible, all the logistics costs will be charged to the retailer.
If the order is picked up at our warehouse instead of shipped to the customer, a pick fee of 5 € per box will be charged.

1.5.   Confirmed orders

Once the order is confirmed and invoiced, changes in references or quantities are not accepted. The only changes accepted are quantity increases, which will be reflected on a separate invoice to be shipped together.


2.1 Disconformity with product delivered

If at the moment of deliver the goods present any kind of visible damage, please reject the shipment or leave record in the delivery note of the transport company driver stating, "damaged package, open package, etc.".

Once the order is received in your warehouse, you have 7 working days to review the products, quantities and references received, and inform Lorena Canals about any disconformity in relation to the invoice or delivery note. Past this time frame, Lorena Canals is not liable for any disconformities.

2.2 Returns

Lorena Canals can only accept the return of an item if it presents any damage or quality non conformity, subject to review and approval of the complaint. If an item needs to be returned to Lorena Canals, the Lorena Canals Logistics Department will handle the pick up at the agreed location.

2.3 Handling of quality complaints

Claims received by an end customer must be handled between the Store and the Lorena Canals Customer Service Department and not directly with the end customer. Solutions to such claims first must be agreed between the retailer and the Lorena Canals Customer Service Department. If a solution is provided to an end customer that Lorena Canals Customer Service has not agreed to, Lorena Canals is not responsible for fulfilling it

If needed, the collection of the damaged item will be arranged by the Logistics Department of LorenaCanals. Once the product is received and verified by the warehouse staff, Lorena Canals will proceed with the refund of the product cost or the shipment of the product replacement with in the next 10 working days of receiving the product in our warehouse.

To inform us about a claim, please contact the Customer Service Department (email: by sending the Incident Sheet or by phone: +34934730371). Once the Incident Sheet is forward it and, if applicable, pictures of the damage plus the whitel abel of the product (with the bar code.) The product label is the guaranteed certificate of the product. Without a picture of this label, no claims will be processed. The Department will review the details of your Incident Sheet and contact you during the next 5 working days with an answer to your claim.


3.1.   Working together

 By becoming a Lorena Canals retailer, you agree to represent the brand faithfully and not purchase or produce articles which are misleading and in which the final customer cannot recognize the brand.

You will be given access to our B2B platform in which you will be able to place purchase orders, check stock availability, and access marketing tools.

You will be also given access to our Kontainer platform (all content property of LorenaCanals) in which you can find the complete library of digital content and marketing tools including silhouette product imagery, lifestyle imagery, videos, and written content for all products.

In order to aid your sales, you have: a FAQ document, washing and care instructions for each category of products, images of the artisanal process, and other useful content for selling purposes such as new collections Master Excels, catalogs, flyers and promotional material including newsletters and social media material.

Customers are authorized to use them as long as our brand is properly mentioned or displayed. When using imagery you are welcome to share freely any content from the abovementioned Kontainer but a mention of the Lorena Canals brand (tag or hashtag)  is required.

In order to maximize brand awareness and visibility across all media platforms and channels, please find in Annex II our Branding Guidelines stating official tags, hashtags and other important considerations regarding online/offline communication.

By signing the agreement as an active customer, you consent to receive marketing emails for commercial purposes from Lorena Canals via our CRM communication platform.

3.2 Third parties, bloggers and collaborations

When collaborating with third parties, bloggers and other media related entities, LorenaCanals requires retailers to get in touch with our Marketing Department to keep our brandi mage and efforts aligned. Lorena Canals is not liable for any collaboration with third parties handled by retailers that have not been previously notified to our Marketing Department.

Lorena Canals does not guarantee collaborations with any particular customer; however Lorena Canals reserves the right to organize branding actions in a particular market or in response to our business needs.

Lorena Canals appreciates retailers’ engagement with the brand and encourages fair practicesamong customers, consumers and clients.

3.3 Online representation/restrictions

All online stores working with Lorena Canals must follow European e-commerce standards and Google recommendations. They must also have a terms and conditions agreement linked throughout the store.

Lorena Canals’ product names, product descriptions and imagery must be respectedat all times. Additionally, a Lorena Canals brand page must be set up and the Lorena Canals brand must be mentioned in the brand summary page. Brand standards and guidelines must also be followed across all stores to ensure a unique brand identity.

No one except for Lorena Canals Lorena Canals products can sell in third party websites such as Amazon, eBay, Houzz or any other marketplaces.

3.4 Product Displays

Lorena Canals may offer a product display free of charge after a mutual agreement of a minimum annual sales amount or minimum implementation order, agreed between the retailer and account manager. Details and stipulations are to be agreed and a separate contract will be drafted to protect both parties. Once the display is received, it continues to be property of LorenaCanals. If used appropriately, it can be a powerful tool to help you boost your sales. Implementation guidelines will be provided to help you get the most benefit out of it.

As a retailer, when you are provided with a display you agree to the following:

  1. This display is provided as a tool to help you boost your sales. After 1 year using this display, sales will be evaluated. 
  2. If no Lorena Canals products are purchased within the first 6 months from the display being received, this structure must be returned to Lorena Canals, transportation costs being covered by the retailer.
  3. 3. Once you have received the display, photos of your Lorena Canals display will be required within the first 15 days of the display being implemented.
  4. Photos of the display may be required at any moment in order to evaluate how the brand is being represented and to help you find the best way to display our products according to your shop.
  5. The display is property of Lorena Canals. It cannot be used to place any other products that are not from the brand. It will be removed if this is the case.

Violation of any part of this agreement may result in immediate termination of your account. Should this occur, all unpaid invoices shall be due and paid in full immediately.

All sales orders will be subject to Spanish legislation, regardless of its place of execution or destination.

Any purchase of a LORENA CANALS S.L product with N.I.F / (VAT): B-65606402 andaddress at Calle Ponce de León, 4, 08960 Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona, requires the consultation and acceptance of these terms and sales conditions by the retailer. The purchase and payment of any order has the value of the signature in reference to the legal conditions (R.D.L. 1/2007).