Black Friday top decoration deals from Lorena Canals for a cozy staycation this Holiday season.

The best deals in textile decoration from Lorena Canals are here! It’s time to get a refresh and prepare the home for the Holiday season with a selection of signature textiles, now at discount prices.

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  1. Washable Rug Round ABC Vintage Nude-Natural
  2. Pouf Chill Vintage Nude
  3. Basket Pencil S
  4. Knitted cushion Round Biscuit Pink
  5. Basket Candy Box Vintage Nude Large L
  6. Basket Dual Black -Ash Rose
  7. Basket Tray Ash Rose
  8. Basket Petals Ash Rose - Dark Aubergine
  9. Basket Bola Muted Clay
  10. Basket Fringes Sahara Nude
  11. Basket Zoco Ash Rose - Natural
  12. Washable Rug Trace Vintage Nude
  13. Washable Rug Tie-Dye Vintage Nude
  14. Washable Rug Tie-Dye Pink
  15. Basket Tassels Pink
  16. Washable Rug Bubbly Soft Pink
  17. Washable Rug Little Biscuit Pink
  18. Washable Rug Butterfly Vintage Nude
  19. Basket Candy Box Vintage Nude S
  20. Basket Mini Tricolor Vintage Nude
  21. Basket Pencil L
  22. Basket Tassels Nude Vintage
  23. Basket Tassels Fuchsia
  24. Baby Basket Bubbly - Pink
  25. Washable Cushion Big Dot Pink

25 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction

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