Rugs Bursting with Color!

Color is part of our daily lives and influences our emotions and well-being. All our senses capture information about the world around us, through the perception of sounds, tastes, smells.... Color also plays an important role, as it can evoke places, trips, or certain moments of the past that have been engraved in our memory.

The PANTONE™ collection features up to 6 designs of washable cotton rugs, in a small format (60 x 90 cm), adaptable to any space. Each rug features a mosaic of PANTONE™ color chips whose palette is inspired by an iconic feature of a city: New York and its organized brick masonry blocks; Toulouse and its emblematic Cité Rose; Lisbon and its pastel-colored neighborhoods; Oslo as a nature-embedded city; Barcelona and its colorful Modernist mosaics; Sevilla and its lively streets with traditional architecture.

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