At Lorena Canals we want to offer the best experience in online shopping.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale are established between:

1. The first party, the company LORENA CANALS, S.L., c/Alejandro Goicoechea, 6, local 8, 08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona), with Spanish fiscal ID nº B65606402, listed in the Mercantile Register of Barcelona, volume 42661, page 76, sheet 410905 (hereinafter, LORENA CANALS).

2. And the counterparty, any person of legal age who places an order (hereinafter the CUSTOMER).

An order may be placed at (and the LORENA CANALS websites resulting from country redirections) for delivery to any country, except those countries or regions where, for reasons beyond the control of LORENA CANALS, delivery is extremely difficult, especially for reasons of force majeure (see article 14 of these terms and conditions of sale). In the event of it proving impossible to fulfil the delivery, the CUSTOMER will be notified and the present contract will be annulled without any obligation to LORENA CANALS other than that of returning any money paid by the CUSTOMER.

These conditions are applicable exclusively to end customers: under no circumstances shall the resale of the purchased products be permitted.

The placing of an order entails the CUSTOMER’S acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as any other condition stipulated in the order itself.

Article 1 – Objective

The objective of these Terms and Conditions of Sale is to set out the sales relationship between the CUSTOMER and LORENA CANALS, from the placing of the order, delivery and payment to after-sales service.

Article 2 – Prices

Prices in the European area (countries belonging to the European Union) include the VAT (sales tax) applicable in Spain at any given moment. Prices outside the European region (countries not belonging to the European Union) do not include VAT.

The prices do not include shipping charges, import taxes or customs fees.

Article 3 – Orders

CUSTOMERS may place their orders on the website (which will redirect them to the website for their country) following the procedure established to that end.

In order to proceed with their orders, CUSTOMERS will need to provide their personal details, which will be requested for any of the procedures indicated above, unless they already have a customer record.

Once they have confirmed the contents of their baskets, CUSTOMERS will need to choose the delivery address and validate the payment method, this latter step formalising the sales contract with LORENA CANALS, S.L.

The placing of an ORDER by the CUSTOMER represents the full and unequivocal acceptance of the prices, the description of the product for sale and the Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as any other condition specified in the order itself.

All orders for products are subject to the availability of the products. In the event that there are problems in supplying the product selected, LORENA CANALS will notify the CUSTOMER within a period no greater than 10 days.

If problems arise in terms of the supply of products or no articles remain in stock and there is no prospect of replacement stocks, LORENA CANALS will refund the CUSTOMER any amount that may have been paid.

Article 4 – Order delivery

Deliveries will be sent via our couriers.


For mainland Spain and Portugal, orders will be delivered in an approximate timeframe of 2-4 days from the time the order is logged on our system.  

For all other destinations apart from mainland Spain and Portugal, the delivery time is approximately 10 days.

Orders placed at the weekend and on public holidays will be processed on the following working day.

When special marketing initiatives are being run (campaigns involving discounts and events) or in holiday periods, delivery times may be greater than those indicated.


Deliveries are free on all orders above €95 to mainland Spain and Portugal (excluding the Balearic and Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Madeira and the Azores). Orders for mainland Spain and Portugal below €95 will incur a fixed shipping charge of €6.50.

For all other destinations apart from mainland Spain and Portugal, notification of the shipping charges will be given at the time of placing the order and prior to the order being confirmed.


Lorena Canals will not assume EXTRA CUSTOMS CHARGES that could be generate in outside EU (including Switzerland, Norway and Denmark). 


Once the order has been placed, the CUSTOMER will receive an email with the order confirmation.

When the shipment leaves our warehouse and is delivered to the courier, an email will be sent to the CUSTOMER with the tracking number enabling the CUSTOMER to ascertain the status of the order at all times using the courier’s parcel tracking facility.

In the event that the CUSTOMER has preferences regarding delivery times or special instructions, such as leaving at reception, in the case of a company, etc, the CUSTOMER may write a note at the time of placing the order (using the “Observations” box) and this information will be passed on to the courier.

Delivery will be deemed to have been completed at the time the courier has delivered the shipment to the recipient and the recipient signs for receipt of delivery. It is the recipient’s responsibility to check the products upon receipt and report any shortages or defects that can be verified.

Article 5 – Payment

LORENA CANALS S.L. only accepts payments made using credit or debit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard) or PayPal.

Payment by credit or debit card: LORENA CANALS S.L. accepts payment for purchases made through its website using the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard. The charge will be deducted online, in other words in real time, using the virtual payment system of the financial entity concerned, once it has been confirmed that the data entered are correct.

Payment by PayPal: LORENA CANALS S.L. accepts payments using the PayPal system.

The security of online purchases is of fundamental importance for LORENA CANALS S.L. All transactions are carried out using secure payment systems and the confidential details of the payment are directly transmitted in encrypted format (SSL) to the entity. The information is sent using 256-bit encryption, preventing problems of security and customer details reaching third parties. Installing a digital certificate is a recommendation of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. These certificates carry civil liability insurance to cover damages in the event of breaches.

Article 6 – Product details

The colours of the images displayed on the website are as accurate as possible. Owing to the differences in computer monitors, we cannot be liable for colour variations between the actual product and what appears on the CUSTOMER’S screen.

In some cases the products’ patterns, colours, lengths and widths may vary minutely from the advertised information owing to the craft nature of the manufacturing process and natural dyes, meaning that each article is unique and no two are exactly alike. Such variation is not a manufacturing defect.

Article 7 – Tax Free

CUSTOMERS living outside the EU, or in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, have the right to a VAT refund, unless they have carried out an exchange/refund or have made an unregistered purchase. The deadline for requesting a tax refund is three months from the date of purchase. The total amount of the order must be greater than 90.15 euros in a single invoice.

To request the tax refund the following documents needs to be submitted to customs: 

I. An invoice stamped by customs. 

II. In the case of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the formalities of the autonomous community’s tax offices indicating their acceptance of the articles presented by travellers upon entering these Spanish territories. 

III. A photocopy of the passport to verify that the bearer is not an EU national.

IV. Certificate of the bank account for the purposes of making the payment.

Article 8 – Cancellation, exchange and returns policy

 The Lorena Canals online store has the cancellation, exchange and returns policy set out below. This policy is only applicable to a product bought at the Lorena Canals online store.

8.1 Right of cancellation

CUSTOMERS have 14 calendar days to exercise their right of cancelling their orders without needing to provide a reason.

The deadline for cancellation will elapse 14 calendar days from the day on which the CUSTOMER came into material possession of the goods.

To exercise the right of cancellation, CUSTOMERS will need to contact LORENA CANALS, S.L. at the following address: c/Alejandro Goicoechea, 6, local 8, 08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona), sending an email to, or calling us at (+34) 93 624 62 19 notifying their decision to cancel the contract by means of an explicit statement (for example, a letter sent by conventional or electronic mail). For this purpose, their decision to claim their cancellation rights must be explicitly stated.

To comply with the cancellation deadline, it is sufficient that the message concerning the customer’s discharge of this right be sent before the deadline concerned elapses.

Consequences of the cancellation

In the case of a cancellation initiated by a CUSTOMER, we will return all payments received, including shipping costs, without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of the decision to cancel the present contract.

This refund will be carried out using the same payment method used by the CUSTOMER for the initial transaction. The CUSTOMER will not incur any expense as a result of the refund. In the event of it being impossible to arrange the refund with the same payment method used by the CUSTOMER, we shall refund the amount using a bank transfer or cheque.

CUSTOMERS will need to contact us, using the telephone number or email address stipulated above, to arrange details of collection due to the cancellation, without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which they conveyed their decision to cancel the contract. This period will be deemed to have been completed if the goods are returned before the period has concluded.

The CUSTOMER will bear the direct costs of the return of the products, unless the return of the goods takes place via a courier arranged by us through our Customer Services department (contact details as set out above).

The CUSTOMER alone will be liable for any reduction in the value of the goods resulting from handling other than that needed to establish the nature, characteristics or functioning of the goods.

In the event of legal cancellation the CUSTOMER will retain under all circumstances the rights established by the prevailing legislation regarding the refund of payments made.

Contractual right of cancellation

In addition to the right of cancellation legally bestowed on consumers and users and mentioned in the foregoing clause, the CUSTOMER will have a period of 30 days (including the 14 calendar days of legal cancellation), starting from the Confirmation of Shipment, to carry out product returns (except those stipulated in the standard provisions clause below, which are excluded from the right of legal cancellation).

In the event that the products are returned within the contractual period of the right of cancellation, but after the legal deadline has elapsed, we will also return all payments received, including the delivery charges.

The CUSTOMER will bear the direct costs of the return of the products, unless the return of the goods takes place via a courier arranged by us through our Customer Services department (contact details as set out above).

Standard provisions

The CUSTOMER will have no right to cancel a contract the purpose of which is to supply any of the following products:

i. Personalised articles.

ii. Goods that are sealed for hygiene reasons and have been unsealed after delivery.

The right to cancel the contract shall be exclusively applicable to those products that are returned in the same conditions in which the CUSTOMER received them.

No refund will be given if the product has been used to any extent beyond being simply opened, if the product is not in the same condition in which it was delivered or if it has incurred any damage, for which reason CUSTOMERS must exercise care with the product(s) while they are in their possession. Please return the item including its original packaging, including all labels, instructions and any other paperwork that may have accompanied it, because otherwise the product will have suffered depreciation. In any event you should include the duly completed form that you will receive at the time the product is delivered together with the product to be returned.

You will find a summary of how to exercise this right of cancellation when you receive the order.

After examining the article we will let you know whether you have a right to be reimbursed for the payments made. The repayment of shipping costs will only be made when the right of cancellation is exercised within the deadline of 14 calendar days and all the articles that make up the order in question are returned.

The refund will be processed as soon as possible and in any event within the period of 14 days from the date when you notified us of your intention to cancel.

Owing to the nature of the products, checking procedures are established for the returned products that may entail the refund being postponed until the goods are received. Under no circumstances will the legal limits established for the refund be exceeded.

The refund will be carried out using the same payment method that the CUSTOMER used to make the purchase. In the event of it being impossible to arrange the refund with the same payment method used by the CUSTOMER, we shall refund the amount using a bank transfer or cheque.

CUSTOMERS who have any queries or wish to manage their cancellation, return or guarantee should get in touch with us via our email address or by calling us on (+34) 93 624 62 19.

8.2 Exchanges

CUSTOMERS wishing to change one product for another will need to carry out a return within the deadline and the terms set out in the “Returns” clause and then place a new order for the product they wish to purchase.  

8.3 Returns

In cases where CUSTOMERS deem that at the time of delivery the product does not match its description in the contract or does not match their expectations, they should get in touch with us immediately by email at or by calling us on (+34) 93 624 62 19 and we will advise them as to how to proceed.

The deadline for carrying out the return of the product is 30 calendar days from the time the CUSTOMER receives it. You are reminded that according to the legislation in force the guarantee lasts for two years from the time of receiving the item (see Article 9 – Guarantees).

The product may be returned, sending it to the address stipulated in the returns form that will be included with the product at the time of delivery.

We will then make a careful examination of the returned product and notify you by e-mail within a reasonable period if a refund or replacement of the item (in the case of a return/exchange for defectiveness) is applicable. The refund or replacement of the item will take place as soon as possible and in any event within 14 days following the date on which we send an email confirming the approval of the refund or replacement of the rejected item, provided that the product replacing the rejected item is available in our warehouses; otherwise you will be notified of the date of expected replenishment.

Payments made for any products that are returned for reasons of an imperfection or defect, when they actually exist, will be refunded to you in full, including the shipping charges incurred for delivering the item and the return costs that may have been incurred provided that the courier used by LORENA CANALS has been employed. The refund shall be made with the same payment method used to make the purchase. In the event of it being impossible to arrange the refund with the same method as the original payment, we shall refund the amount using a bank transfer or cheque.

At all events the statutory rights of the prevailing legislation will remain in force. Rights relating to legal cancellation will only be applicable if the CUSTOMER is party to the contract as a consumer and user.

Article 9 – Guarantees

LORENA CANALS products are guaranteed for two years. All our products are designed and manufactured with the greatest care. However, the guarantee will not apply if faults or damage arise owing to incorrect use, lack of maintenance or care contrary to our usage instructions. The CUSTOMER will need to consult the instructions and appropriate recommendations to be found in the usage guidelines supplied with the product.

CUSTOMERS who reject an item sent owing to a defect or error may choose between requesting a replacement, the repair of the product or a refund of the amount paid and the shipping charges incurred.

Replacement will be free for the CUSTOMER and will need to take place within a reasonable time from the CUSTOMER’S notification of the rejection of the product.

Our Customer Service department has an after-sales service to resolve any problem you may have with our products, offering our customers a rapid and efficient response.

Article 10 – Data Privacy Policy

Who is responsible for your management of your data?

Identity: Lorena Canals SL. (going forward Lorena Canals), as owner of,, and, CIF B65606402.

Address: C/ Alejandro Goicoechea, 6, 08960, Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona)

Email contact:

To what ends do we use your data?

At Lorena Canals we use the information you provide for the management  of your purchases and for communication purposes in the case that you authorize it. With the intention of offering you information about your geographical area, we elaborate a "commercial profile" with your address as a base. No automated decisions will be made based on that profile.

To subscribe to the Newsletter or contact you must be over 14 years old. To place orders, you must be of legal age.

For how long do we keep your data?

Your  personal data will be kept as long as the business relationship is maintained, while its deletion is not requested by you and for a period of two years from the last confirmation of interest.

What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?

The legitimacy for the treatment is your unequivocal consent in the boxes  for this purpose, as well as through confirmation from your email.

With whom is your data shared?

We do not send your information to any other company. We only share your data with the providers of our virtual infrastructure in the cloud, where it will be stored and is protected according to the principles of regulation and through a Data Protection contract.

What are your rights when you provide us with your data?

Anyone has the right to obtain confirmation about whether or not Lorena Canals is handling personal data that concerns him or her.

  • Interested persons have the right to access their personal data, as well as to solicit rectification of inaccurate information, or solicit suppression when, among other motives, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it had been gathered.
  • Under determined circumstances, interested persons can solicit the limitation of treatment of his or her data, in which case data is only kept for the exercising or the defending of claims.
  • In determined circumstances and for purposes related to his or her particular situation, interested persons can oppose the handling of his or her data. Lorena Canals will stop processing the data, except in cases of imperative legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.
  • You can also request your right to portability, where we will supply your data in electronic format so that you may access it according for your own interest.

Article 11 – Cookies policy

Access to this website may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that the server may store on the hard disk of a device to temporarily store some type of information about the user. The cookies employed by this website are used to enable the identification of registered users and cannot read data on their hard drives or include viruses in the texts.

This website uses cookies to offer an optimal browsing experience and improve the services that we place at the disposal of the user. Thanks to the cookies we can:

  • Enable the user to participate in our surveys.

  • Remind users of their access information.

  • Improve the quality of our website depending on the user’s browsing habits.

Users will be able to configure their browsers to accept or reject cookies. We cannot guarantee all the functions of our website will work without them however. It will be considered that the CUSTOMER accepts the Cookies Policy.

Article 12 – Intellectual Property

All the elements of the website, and the country websites to which it redirects, which are managed by LORENA CANALS, of a visual or audible nature, including the underlying technology, are protected by intellectual copyright, trademark and patent legislation.

Article 13 – Comments, suggestions and complaints

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send any comments and suggestions via our  (<a href="">Contact Form</a>. Official complaints forms are also available to consumers and users.

Article 14 – Circumstances beyond our control

We shall not be liable for any non-fulfilment or delay in the fulfilment of any of our obligations if the cause is attributable to circumstances beyond our reasonable control ("Force Majeure Causes").

Force Majeure Causes will include any act, circumstance, lack of action, omission or accident that is beyond our reasonable control, among others, the following:

I. Strikes, lock-outs and other protest measures.

II. Civil disorder, uprising, invasion, terrorist attack or threat, war (declared or otherwise) or the threat of or preparations for war.

III. Fire, explosion, storms, flooding, earthquakes, subsidence, epidemics or any other natural disaster.

IV. The impossibility of using trains, ships, aeroplanes, motorised transport or other means of transport, public or private.

V. The impossibility of using public or private telecommunications systems.

VI. Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government or public authority.

It will be understood that our obligations stemming from Contracts shall remain suspended during such time as the Force Majeure Cause continues, and we shall have an extension of the deadline to fulfil such obligations for a period of time equal to the duration of the Force Majeure Cause. We will make available all reasonable resources to ensure that the Force Majeure Cause comes to an end and to find a solution that enables us to fulfil our obligations arising from the Contract in spite of the Force Majeure Cause.

Article 15 – Entire agreement

These Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute the entire agreement between the parties concerned. In the event that one of the clauses of these Terms and Conditions proves to be void under law, this will not affect the remaining conditions.

Article 16 – Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions shall be subject to Spanish law.

For the resolution of any doubt, dispute or divergence that may arise in the fulfilment or interpretation of this Contract, the parties submit themselves to the Tribunals and Courts where the customer resides.

You can also contact the Customer Services department by email (, by telephone (+34) 93 624 62 19, Monday-Friday 9:00-16:00, GMT+1, giving your forename, surname(s) and the number of your order or invoice with the request that you would like to be attended.


Calle Ponce de Leon n 4 - Sant Just Desvern - 08960 - Barcelona (Spain) (+34) 93 624 62 19 Monday - Friday (09h - 17h)