Washable Rug Meknes

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The new Morocco collection will take you on a journey into the fascinating towns of Morocco without having to leave your home! The washable Meknes rug is named for one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. This 100% cotton rug can be washed in a domestic washing machine (8 kg capacity). It has a recycled cotton base that has been previously dyed in black. The entire rug is woven using the loop technique, endowing it with a very interesting and pleasant texture. The predominant color is black onto which different-sized rhombs are drawn in petroleum (petrol blue), ash rose, linen and green. The resulting design has personality, perfect for an up-to-date, modern style, whether it's for the living room, dining room, bedroom or kids' room. Hand-made by craftsmen, natural dyes have been used, and, as it is 100% cotton, it is light and soft. Discover the cushions, baskets and matching blankets.

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