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Lorena Canals has been a trendsetter in the kids’ home decor market ever since she created the washable rug concept more than 20 years ago. As a young mother, she sought a solution to everyday life for a home with kids.

“One day, 20 years ago, as I watched my girls play on the rug, I thought to myself how easy life would be if I could just wash the rugs at home! After searching unsuccessfully for the ideal rug, I decided to design a washable rug myself, fit for the perfect kid-friendly home“

Lorena Canals – Founder & designer

An entrepreneur at heart, she decided to found her own family business of handmade, machine-washable rugs, opening her own artisan factory in India and setting up headquarters in Barcelona. From this moment on, rugs started to make sense.

Over the years, the company has continued to expand with warehouses in Barcelona, New Delhi and New York as logistic centers from which textiles are shipped across different continents, reaching more than 80 countries, added to an extensive distribution network.

Nowadays families all over the globe decorate their homes with Lorena Canals washable rugs and textile accessories, owing to the products’ easy care and practicality, and of course, to their tasteful design!

“At Lorena Canals we always keep families in mind – with our washable rugs we want life at home to flow with no worries”

Lorena Canals – Founder & designer


We take pride in offering safe textiles for children’s environments that are also eco-friendly. Our textiles are handmade in India using natural cotton and wool as raw materials, treated with non-toxic dyes. We use sustainable, chemical-free production processes and recycle our water. We also give a second life to cotton leftovers and scraps through our RUGCYCLED® collection which has led us to become a ZERO WASTE company.


After introducing the washable rug concept in the market, our designer Lorena Canals has continued to strive to innovate in the world of textiles. In 2019 she shook the sector once again introducing a new range of washable wool rugs under the signature, patent registered label of WOOLABLE BY LORENA CANALS® . 

2021 also saw the birth of many innovative launches such as the RUGCYCLED® collection –produced from upcycled cotton leftovers and scraps–, or the Reversible rugs and cushions collection –2-in-1 pieces for a double decor–, and a Woolable rug collection made from undyed wool with lambswool of different colors from around the world. Named as the Sheep of the World Collection, the latter also served to introduce 20% of New Zealand wool in the composition of our new Woolable rug ranges.

With kids and families always in mind, it is no surprise that Lorena should also come up with a Woolable collection entirely dedicated to children’s decor – named after a whimsical Pink Nose Sheep –, or to create Montessori-inspired designs that should encourage child interaction – from which the Path of Nature play rug or the World Map pouf are great examples… together with other new collections coming soon!

All these efforts in developing new, innovative products based on textiles have brought new categories to our catalog. In 2022 we step into the editorial world with our first touch & feel children’s textile storybook in collaboration with our sister brand Oli&Carol. We also take a leap into the world of kids’ furniture with the introduction of our first kids’ chair in collaboration with renowned industrial designer Gonzalo Milà. Our aim is to add items that complete the nursery decor, one step at a time.


Artisans in our Indian factory use ancestral crafting techniques to make our range of textiles and soft furnishings – from washable rugs to baskets, blankets, cushions, garlands, and poufs. Each product is handmade one by one, down to the last detail, making every piece one of a kind. The high quality, natural raw materials and detailed finishes contribute to making our rugs and accessories everlasting.

Sit back and watch how our textiles will continue to embellish your home for years to come, and still look good as new – even after being washed!


Our factory in India employs more than 170 artisans under fair trade practices and provides employment opportunities for women. Through our Sakûla Project we also give back to our own charity foundation providing an education and a meal a day to underprivileged children in north India through our own network of nurseries. Every purchase of our products contributes to helping these children build a better future.

"Our goal is to create a safe learning environment where the children’s dreams become possibilities"

Lorena Canals – Founder & designer


As an experienced textile manufacturer, designer Lorena Canals is always excited to share her expertise with creatives around the world bringing new perspectives to the design of our products. 

With prestigious artist collaborations to the likes of Edgar Plans, we have been able to issue exclusive limited edition pieces, while also paving the way for our brand’s presence in art museums such as the Russian MMoMA.

Other collaborations include outstanding names from the creative scene such as Donna Wilson, Gonzalo Milà, and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Labels such as Smallable, Pantone, and Oli&Carol have also put their trust in our textile expertise. Every step of the way we design and produce each collection, side by side with our partners, covering the whole process down to the last detail, including all the marketing and PR support needed to reach our consumers.


In recognition of all this work and the quality of our products, over the years our firm has captured much attention from the international press and has been granted several international awards, such as the Independent Baby Innovation Award (2021), the Good Housekeeping Parenting Award (2020) or the Interiores Magazine Awards (2018), among others, which encourages us to continue working and contributing new ideas to the decoration of homes worldwide.


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