Edgar Plans

Lorena Canals comes to the world of art with the internationally renowned urban-inspired artist Edgar Plans. 

Artwork is turned into textiles and brushstrokes are painted in colors of wool, tufted on recycled cotton canvas. Each washable wool rug is handmade to create one of a kind pieces that become paintings you can walk on, enjoying the plush wool underfoot. Under the collection’s motto of ‘Be your own hero!’, the pieces invite us to open our eyes and to be our own superheroes in our own home.

Edgar Plans is famous for his animal hero characters, which –he says– “convey messages of hope to humanity and the planet”. Creatures such as Ghosty, Astromouse, Batboy or Miss Mighty Mouse come to inspire us to make the world a better place, now shaped into plush wool rugs and soft cotton knit cushions. All of these items are ideal both for kids’ rooms decor or as accent pieces in any other space of the home, providing an artsy nod to the artist’s imagery.

At the time of launching this collaboration, the collection was completed with a larger piece: a limited and numbered edition Woolable wool rug, with up to 100 units issued for sale. Sold out in a short time, this exclusive piece was accompanied by an elaborate handmade textile book, whose pages illustrated the artist’s collaboration with designer Lorena Canals. The rug, whose design was inspired by Edgar Plans’ Wall Notes art piece, has since been exhibited at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA) during a monographic exhibition dedicated to the artist.

Let the universe of Edgar Plans fill your home!

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    Edgar Plans x Lorena Canals
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