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In difficult times like these it is important to team up in order to continue with everyday life. This pandemic has become our new way of life, however under the hope that it will be for a limited time. Until then, we have re-organized our company to continue offering our best service in a globalized market.

At Lorena Canals’ headquarters in Barcelona, warehouses, factory and subsidiaries in United States and India, we are taking all the necessary safety and sanitary measures proposed by the World Health Organization. The vast majority of our employees are working from home while the logistics team working daily at our warehouses has been reduced to the strictly necessary in order to ensure our online shipment service worldwide, except for those countries in which customs restrictions have impeded it.

Altogether we aim to prevent any further spread of the Covid-19, protecting our employees as well as our loyal partners and clients. It is precisely our clients’ and partners’ loyalty that pushes us to continue striving for excellence even under the utmost adverse circumstances. We strongly believe that we can ride this out together, working more than ever as a team, however remotely driven.

No doubt we shall all learn something positive from all this, like appreciating what we have, the small things in life, our loved ones and of course, our homes in which we now have more time than ever to spend. From Lorena Canals we want to continue making it your special place, adding warmth, comfort and coziness, especially when it comes to the little ones in the family, who need to have their playtime assured. From living areas to play zones, we’d love to continue inspiring your homes, and help you overcome this time of staying at home. As creators of the washable rug concept we offer a practical solution in keeping your houses clean and safe with little effort and plenty of style!


Lorena Canals


Lorena Canals

We continue to offer our service


Given the Covid-19 threat situation, we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus and that we are following the latest health and safety guidelines to better protect our employees, partners, and customers.

- Our online store remains open 24/7 at full capacity to be able to ship whatever you need to decorate the home.

- Shipments and deliveries are made under strict security measures.

- 30-day return policy.

- We are at your disposal to attend queries through our customer service.

Nothing like having everything ready to be comfy at home!


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