When it comes to the little ones at home, we all look for safety, practicality and comfort. This is what you will find in the machine-washable rugs and accessories designed by Lorena Canals. They are safe, practical, cozy, natural and lightweight, so you can move them around! The perfect addition for bedrooms, playrooms, pet’ s areas and gardens are waiting for your cuties to enjoy, so don´t worry and let your kids get messy!

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  1. Washable Rug Vintage Map
  2. Washable Rug Baby Numbers
  3. Washable Rug World Map
    Out of stock
  4. Basket Pencil L
  5. Washable Rug Notebook
  6. Basket Pencil S
    Out of stock
  7. Washable Knitted Cushion Notebook
  8. Washable Rug I Love Math
  9. Wall hanging Baby Numbers
  10. Garland School
  11. Wall hanging canvas map
  12. Knitted Baby Blanket Notebook
  13. Washable Knitted Cushion Ruler
  14. Washable Knitted Cushion Eraser
  15. Washable Floor Cushion Plus
  16. New
    Pouf World Map
    Out of stock

17 Items

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