Lorena Canals presents: Planet Bee. Where bees buzz freely, bringing the world of honey, bears, and flowers to life in children's decor. Our collection, from interactive rugs with flowers and bees to bear-shaped poufs and flower cushions, adds both fun and education to your child's space, raising awareness about the crucial role of bees and nature.

Bee-Inspired Rugs and Accessories

Discover the beauty and importance of bees with our exclusive "Planet Bee" collection. This series includes baby rugs and washable wool rugs that not only beautify your home but also educate about the vitality of bees in our ecosystem. Each piece is adorned with bee motifs and nature-inspired patterns, perfect for adding a touch of nature to any space.

Decorate and Learn with the Planet Bee Collection

Our "Planet Bee" collection offers a unique opportunity to decorate your home while raising awareness about bee conservation. These cotton rugs and accessories are designed to be an educational as well as a decorative tool, ideal for children's rooms or play areas. Each rug and accessory is easy to maintain thanks to its washable quality, ensuring that beauty and functionality go hand in hand.

Planet Bee: Commitment to the Environment and Style

Get involved in protecting bees and the environment with "Planet Bee". This collection is not only visually appealing with its washable rugs and cotton rugs, but also reflects a commitment to sustainable and educational practices. Transform your home with decorations that tell a story and inspire everyone to value and protect our nature.

On Planet Bee, bees work hard pollinating flowers, ensuring the growth of nature and our food. Join us in creating a playful learning environment, fostering an appreciation for bees and the environment at home with the Planet Bee collection. No bees mean no plants, no food, no planet!