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Estimated delivery date September 25th - 29th

· Exclusive limited edition

· Only 250 numbered pieces available

· Carefully handcrafted textile book included

After the success of their first collection, Lorena Canals and Edgar Plans have once again teamed up to present this new collaboration, 'Artist in You.' This limited edition rug is a unique piece of art, with only 250 numbered pieces available. Each rug comes with an embroidered number on the reverse side.

It features a collection of Edgar's scribbles and creatures on a dark grey base, with accent colors in various shades of pink, yellow, red, and green. Along with the rug, you'll find an exclusively handcrafted textile book made from the same fabric as the rug, showcasing Edgar's designs and his universe.

Additionally, the rug comes with a special tote bag, and it's shipped in an exclusive wooden box featuring the EDGAR PLANS x LORENA CANALS logo.

COLORS: Charcoal grey, Natural, Apricot, Arabesque, Blue fog, Ocean Blue, Sage, Silver gray, Lavender and Sunlight

COMPOSITION: Pile: 100% Wool Base: Recycled Cotton

A Lorena Canals rug is for life, to make it last longer, we recommend that you follow these wash and care tips:

  • Check your WASHER’S DRUM CAPACITY depending on the size of the rug. If your washer is too small, opt for professional cleaning.
  • Make sure to CLEAN THE FILTERS of your washing machine and tumble dryer after use as, normally, wool rugs shed fibers.
  • Remove the rug from the washing machine and extended in a dry place or placed directly in the dryer at a low temperature. Under no circumstances should the wet carpet be left inside the washer after washing, as humidity can cause color transfer, damaging the original carpet dyes. 



A Lorena Canals rug is for life, to make it last longer, we recommend that you follow these wash and care tips:

  • It's completely normal that our washable rugs have fluff in the first months because our products are completely handmade. We recommend Sweeping the rug with a stiff broom and using a vacuum cleaner regularly
  • Vacuum regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from setting into the roots of the fibers. Use a low-power suction. Do not use a beater bar or any other rotating articles which may damage the pile. We do not recommend the use of floor-cleaning robots.
  • SWEEPING the rug with a soft or natural fiber broom or brush.
  • SHAKE OUTSIDE occasionally to help get rid of dirt that may settle between the fibers, especially on the shaggy type.
  • Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight as it may affect the colors of the rug
  • Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening the pile.
  • If you find loose ends coming out, do not pull. Cut them carefully with scissors to avoid further damage.
  • Remove spills immediately. Absorb the spill with a clean, soft cloth by pressing firmly around the spill.
  • Made with natural fibers. This may cause slight shedding for a while, especially after the first washes. This process will decrease over time, as the rug gets vacuumed (always on low to moderate suction mode).
  • Folding wrinkles will gradually smooth after laying the rug on the floor allowing for the fibers to naturally adapt. However, you can put the rug in the dryer to speed the process before first-time use.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.
  • We recommend using the complimentary cotton tote bag to store the rug. Never use airtight plastic bags.



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