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Lorena Canals se déclare être une amoureuse du homard et de toutes les choses marines. Lors du design de la collection Lobster, elle a conçu cet accessoire pour poignée de porte amusant en forme de homard empaillé. Une touche accueillante pour toute porte ou fenêtre !

COULEURS : Brick Red, New Terracotta
97 % coton, 3 % autres fibres. Remplissage 100% polyester


A Lorena Canals rug is for life, to make it last longer, we recommend that you follow these wash and care tips:

  • It's completely normal that our washable rugs have fluff in the first months because our products are completely handmade. We recommend Sweeping the rug with a stiff broom and using a vacuum cleaner regularly
  • Vacuum regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from setting into the roots of the fibers. Use a low-power suction. Do not use a beater bar or any other rotating articles which may damage the pile. We do not recommend the use of floor-cleaning robots.
  • SWEEPING the rug with a soft or natural fiber broom or brush.
  • SHAKE OUTSIDE occasionally to help get rid of dirt that may settle between the fibers, especially on the shaggy type.
  • Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight as it may affect the colors of the rug
  • Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening the pile.
  • If you find loose ends coming out, do not pull. Cut them carefully with scissors to avoid further damage.
  • Remove spills immediately. Absorb the spill with a clean, soft cloth by pressing firmly around the spill.

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